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Whatever I Feel Friday- Rocky Horror Picture Show… Project Pan!

February 22, 2019
Picture from Google

So, if you had read my post a few weeks back I had said I was starting a project pan. My first project pan but when I saw the Rocky Horror Project Pan created by @hannah.pans on Instagram and I learned about this pan challenge from @pan.dimonium on Instagram as well. Well, I LOVE “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and I was having trouble getting inspired to follow my first one soooo, I stopped my original one and started doing this one. It began on February 14 and will end on August 14, the original release date of the movie. Basically, you pick a product for each of the characters and give a reason as to why you pegged that product with that character. All character photos are from Google. Here’s my list:

Frank N Furter– I picked the Maybelline lipstick in 895 ‘On Fire Red’ because Frank N Furter is full of fire and red lipstick is sexy đź’‹ [Finish]

Rocky– I chose my Tarte Maracuja Oil because he is so oiled up when he is unwrapped. [Finish]

Brad– For Brad, I went with the shadow ‘‘Young Love from the Urban Decay Cherry palette. The reason is, I hope, obvious (that’s what I was going for) but the reason is because he is young and in love with Janet. [Hit Pan]

Janet– Janet gave me a bit of trouble because I wanted something innocent. I decided on my Vera Wang ‘Princess’ (original) Rollerball because she seems so young and innocent just as I was when I got this perfume. [Finish]

Riff Raff– For Riff Raff I went with the Stila Glitter and Glow Shadow in 
Diamond Dust because he’s from the stars. [Finish]

Magenta– I paired Magenta with the shadow ‘Sassy’ from Colourpop’s 
Perception palette because she has one heck of a sassy personality. [Hit Pan]

Columbia– Columbia gets the Colourpop shadow in ‘Roy G. Biv’ because she is a very colorful character. [Hit Pan]

Eddie– Now, Eddie really gave me some trouble. I eventually decided on the shadow ‘Lisa Campbell’ from the Meet Matt(e) Shmaker palette. I thought the color screamed Eddie to me, even if I can’t explain why. [Hit Pan]

Dr. Scott– Oddly enough, Dr. Scott was a no brainer. I went with a shadow
from The Jaclyn Hill palette, the color ‘Enlight’. I went with this color because he is a professor and ‘enlightens’ his students. [Hit Pan]

The Criminologist– He is a bit of a character so I when with the color ‘Character’ from the Stila “Soul” palette. [Hit Pan]

It’s a short post tonight but I do hope you enjoyed it. I will give updates hopefully each month on what I have and haven’t used and if I have made a dent in anything. Thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow for ‘It’s in the bag Saturday’!

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!  Because you is the most beautiful you there is.


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