Eve Pearl HD Foundation: Review

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Today I decided to give a review on the PearlFX: HD Creme Liquid Foundation which is currently on sale on the Eve Pearl website for $38 when it usually is $42 for 1oz of product.  I’ve been trying it this week and I now feel I have a better idea as to how I feel about this foundation.  Keep reading to learn more!
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The product comes in a squeeze tube, which I have to admit, isn’t my favorite way of delivering foundation for any brand drugstore or high end.  I am in the second lightest color, fair.  I think the color range really needs to be expanded, though.  She only has five shades, only one (maybe two) I would consider for darker skin tones. Below is a picture of me wearing the foundation.
EvePearlHDFoundation (4)_EditI would definitely consider this a light coverage foundation that can be built up to a light medium coverage.  I will probably use this for those ‘no makeup’ makeup days or when I want a ‘my skin but better’ look.  Today I put this on at 10AM and checked in at 8:30PM right before I took it off and I believe it held up pretty well.  I have oily/combination skin so, even with primer before and powder and setting mist after, I was pretty shiny by the end.  I wouldn’t say I was ‘oil slick’ shiny but I was definitely shiny.  I was impressed that the only real breakdown I had was on the chin right below my lip and in my T-Zone and even then it wasn’t too bad at all.  If you have blemishes or dark circles that you want to cover you definitely need to use a concealer because this alone won’t do the trick.  It felt really nice on my skin, it wasn’t sticky after application and it didn’t feel heavy throughout the day which I really appreciated.

This is the brush that came in the kind of gift set box  when I was generously gifted this at IMATS last year.  It is the Eve Pearl 201 MicroSilk Dual Contour Blender Brush  and costs $54.  I used the Contour Brush, the flat paddle one, to get the product from the back on my hand to my face and then I used the other side, the blender brush, to buff the foundation into my skin.  I really love the blender brush because I don’t have anything like it.  I have angled brushes and I have dense buffing brushes, but never together.  This made the application feel seamless without tugging on my skin like many buffing brushes do to me.  I like the whole idea of a dual brush, especially when it comes to traveling and space in your suitcase and carry on are precious property.  Less brushes means more room for makeup and shoes… Right?

Final Thoughts:
I am really glad that I gave this foundation a true test drive this week and I really liked the ‘my skin but better’ look since I usually prefer my foundation to be full coverage for fancy dress and everyday because of spots on my skin.  I adored the brush!  I was worried that I wouldn’t like it because I don’t exactly have the best track record with applying foundation well with a brush.  I will definitely be using this brush more, and I really want to try it with other foundations that I own.
Have you tried any Eve Pearl foundations or brushes or other products for that matter? What are your opinions on her products?
EvePearl2017IMATSAnd to end this post, here’s a picture of a much heavier me and Eve Pearl at my third IMATS and the second time I met her.



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