What I think Wednesday: Urban Decay Naked Cherry

On Wednesday’s, we say what we think!

Hello my beauties, how are you doing this busy holiday week? For my first ‘What I think Wednesday’ I’m going to give my two cents on the Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette.  I purchased this palette without reading reviews and I am really glad I did it that way because some of the things people were saying about this palette might have deterred me.  As far as I can tell, you either love this palette or you completely hate it and I am in the love category.  I am definitely a warm toned person and while this is a more cool toned warm palette (does that even make sense?) I am head over heels for it! I find the colors to be really pigmented with the only exception being the shade farthest to the left called ‘Hot Spot’ which is a baby pink bordering white.  It is probably the only dud shade in this palette for me.  Even so, I use it to set my primer when I am using this palette and it works really well for that.   Below are the colors, swatched on a willing arm since taking picture of your own arm is an art I have not yet mastered. 

The colors from left to right are Hot Spot (Matte-you can barely see it), Caution (Matte), Bang Bang (Shimmer/Sparkle), Feelz (Matte), Juicy (Matte), Turn On (Shimmer/Sparkle), Ambitious (Shimmer/Sparkle), Bing (Matte), Devilish (Matte), Young Love (Shimmer), Privacy (Matte)
All of the above swatches are one swipe, they are not built up.  Yes, the shadows themselves have some kick up but to me that means they are soft and therefore going to be easy to blend- which they do, they blend like a dream.  I’m usually terrified of matte shades in general.  Especially as the shade gets darker.  In the look below I used the color ‘Bing’ all through the crease and then I used ‘Devilish’ to deepen it a little bit.  On the inner and outer third of the lid I used ‘Ambitious’ and on the center of the lid I gave it a “halo” look with the color ‘Turn On’.

And I also wore this palette this past weekend when I attended a conference in Los Angeles. I didn’t have time to write down the colors I used from the palette but I figured I would show you the look anyway.

The top look I leaned more towards the pink-ish colors and in the second look I went more for the golds and taupes.  
I find this palette to be very versatile, giving you an option to transition form just a lid wash to a full on glam look in just one palette.  I absolutely adore the Urban Decay Naked palettes, Naked 3 was my very first high end palette, and now I have my eye on the Naked Heat palette.  I really like that they have transitioned to doing warm toned shades for a little bit from the cool tone palettes they released early on.
*You can pick up the palette here and at Sephora as well.*

What do you guys think of this palette? Do you love it, hate it, or are you indifferent? Want or pass? I would really love to know so be sure to comment down below!  

Remember to always be BOLD, be BEAUTIFUL, be YOU!

Disclaimer: All opinions and reviews are my own and are without biased.  No links contained inside this review are affiliate links.  I will always tell you if they are.

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