Whatever I Feel… Monday

So, this week I’m doing a little switcheroo. My mom and I attended our fourth IMATS Los Angeles. This day is the most special day with her, and this year was no different. But since I wanted to share what I had purchased so badly, I’ve switched Monday and Friday. Friday will be a ‘Make It Up Friday’. Keep reading to see all of the amazing things I was able to get and 90% at some sort of discount. Hopefully it will inspire you if you don’t know what to try next.

One of the things I was dying to get my hands on was the James Charles Artistry palette with Morphe which is currently sold out at Ulta and on the James Charles x Morphe section of their site, you can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock. Also on the Morphe site, I found they had something called the 39A Dare to Create palette that looks very similar if you want to check it out. Anyway, I thought getting my hands on this palette would be next to impossible but, as you’ll see later in this post, but I was a very very lucky person because when I asked they said yes and since that was the only thing I wanted, they let me skip the line and immediately check out. I would love to know who has tried this palette and what sorts of looks you’ve done!

While watching one of Allie Gline’s YouTube videos, she mentioned a subscription program called Facetory where you can get a subscription box full of four or seven sheet masks. They were at the show and after considering back and forth, I subscribed! I then was given the current box and then I also got to pick six bonus sheet masks for signing up then. There’s another mask I got for free at the Rude Cosmetics stand, it’s a charcoal one. Here is a list of the thirteen masks I got from Facetory.
1. Glow Baby Glow Brightening and Soothing Mask
2. Skin Chart Cica Ming Mask (Hemp Sheet Mask)
3. Soda Bubble Mask- Aqua Fruit
4. Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Ampoule Mask
5. Facetory Woak That H2O Hydrating Mask
6. Shine K superfood Berry Honey Mask
7. Moon Velvet Moisturizing Cream Mask
8. DAF V7 Vita Pearl Mask- 3 step mask
9. Coscodi Propolis Blanc Cell Mask
10. Blooming Cell Pink Peel- 2 step mask
11. Real Beauty Lab Fresh Forward Tea Tree
12. Elensila Intra Cell Escargot and Caviar Repairing Mask
13.Vita Cocktail Foil Mask Brightening

As I said in the James Charles section, I was very very lucky this year at IMATS. I always go to Eve Pearl’s panel during the show. Same basic topic about Social Media but there are always different extra speakers. She has a giveaway at the end of every speech and this year it was for brush sets that cost $300+ for just one set and I wound up winning. When I realized her assistant was reading out my Instagram handle the first thing out of my mouth was, ‘Oh my God, that’s me!” I am not used to winning drawings or contests so I wasn’t really paying attention when she started spelling the person’s handle. I realized it was me when I heard ‘S S E Underscore’. Anyway, I’ve had two of her other brushes and I really love them so I can’t wait to get to use these, and since I already had two of the brushes that was in the bags, I gave them to mom so she could have some really nice brushes too.

Another thing I really wanted was some new false lashes. I got a three set of the same lashes from Flutter in the shape ‘Elegant’ and then I got three different lashes, shape name unknown, from the brand Blanda Eyelashes Factory. The three from Blanda are different from ones I usually go for, so I’m excited to try them. I did take all of the lashes and put them into cases because the three on the left didn’t have a cover and that really won’t work with how I store them.

The very first booth mom and I visited was the Naimie’s booth that is on the back wall of Hall 1. I wanted to go there first because, since they sell multiple prestige and high end brands, they are swamped and it’s not worth it after the doors have been open for an hour. So mom and I ran back there (picture that image in your head, it’s okay to laugh since I am, lol) because I knew there would be products I really wanted and they would be discounted. They had the Sweet Indulgence Beauty Blender pack that has four blenders and four soaps that go in the white dish, plus the soap smells like mint. I’ve been eyeing this since the Sephora VIB sale and with it being knocked down in price, I jumped on it and I can’t wait to start using things. I also got my first full size of my favorite Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder. I’ve been nursing my mini version for a year, so, yeah it was time. I then got a set of 4 mini Glam and Glow Liquid Lights. I’ve wanted to try these drops for awhile so I’m happy I can try mini’s before deciding. Last thing I got was the Cover FX Blurring primer. I’ve never used a blurring primer so I am excited to see how this works. I have high hopes.

Hourglasss had a booth, as well, so I just went over to check them out and they had these things called the Girl Lip Stylo which, to me, looks like a really nice Clinique Chubby Stick. I got the color Visionary which is a brick red and (I believe) Activist which is a neutral rose. The packaging says all of the same names so I’m going off of swatches on Sephora. I am so excited to wear these! Up until this I had only used the palette’s of theirs that I own.

There is usually one or two booths selling jewelry and last year I had bought Alice in Wonderland post earrings and this year my mom spotted these two dangle ones. I really love the ones with the clocks. They certainly aren’t inexpensive but I think they are worth it.

Ever since I had passed on Bioderma my first year I’ve been waiting for them to come back, and come back they did! I bought the big bottle of Bioderma for someone with combo/oily skin and I also got their makeup removing wipes. I can’t wait to give this a try, especially it’s supposed to work on waterproof makeup. Fingers crossed.

I purchased all of the Beauty Blender spray cleaner, holder, and the large bottle of the liquid cleanser from a stand that is like Naimies but isn’t. I also got to mini bottle of the Evian facial spray. The spray cleans the Beauty Blender’s to get the makeup marks off of them. I believe it is one of their newer products.

I picked up the medium bottle and spray bottle of the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner because of it’s bacteria killing properties. I got the spray specifically for the theatre when I am working with the kids in the shows.

Okay, the middle thing is so genius especially when I bought it to use at the theater. It is a box that can hold all different kinds of hair products. That way I can have bobby pins and hair ties and actually know what to tell the kids looking for said products. I also got a metal lash applicator because my plastic Ardell on is giving me a bit of a struggle. The nail polish on the right is so great. They donate 20% of each sale to helping shelters. That’s the real reason I bought polishes from them.

IT Cosmetics was there this year and both mom and I needed something from them. I needed a new CC+ Cream because (a) I was out (b) I needed the correct shade. The first time I purchased it, I did it online and I got ‘Light’ turns out I’m ‘Fair’ in their range. My mom had gotten their foundation brush for Christmas and she needed to find out how to use it.

From The Balm’s booth I got the eyeshadow palette called Meet Matt(e) Shmaker that has six holes but twelve shadows- Six matte and six shimmer/glitter. I purchased the Mad Lash mascara for someone who has been my best friend for 18 years. Then I got the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. I’ve been dying to get it since I accidentally purchased the Cindy-Lou Manizer many years ago with the thought that a pink highlighter would look good on me. WRONG. Now I use it as a blush or blush topper depending on the look I’m going for.

Finally, from NYX I got the ‘That’s the Point’ skinny liquid eyeliner, the foundation mixer in white, and their glitter primer. I was looking for the liner and the glitter primer but when I saw the white foundation mixer for lightening foundations and I figured it would be a good idea.

And that’s it, ladies and gents! Were you able to attend the LA IMATS or are you attending one of the other ones in the states and other countries? I’d love to know what makeup you are yearning for, in general. I look forward to seeing you soon! And always, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU!

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