What I Think Wednesday: ABH Contour Powder Kit

Hello my beauties! I’m here with another review for ‘What I Think Wednesday’. Today I’m reviewing my Anastasia of Beverly Hills (ABH) contour powder kit.

The packaging is definitely sleek. It’s a cardboard packaging but has a surprisingly sturdy feel. There is a thin cardboard wrapper that slips over the actual packaging that helps make sure that it stays closed when you put it away. At least that is what I use it for, I don’t want this to get damaged. The retail price for this palette is $40 according to the Ulta website. I was really really lucky and wound up going to Marshalls the day they got their shipment of the high end makeup. I never seem to make it to get the higher end makeup but I made it this day! I paid $19.99 for this kit. Total score.

Top powders from (L-R): Vanilla (matte), Banana (matte), and Sand (shimmer)
Bottom powders from (L-R): Java (matte), Fawn (matte), Havana (matte)
The color Fawn is the perfect contour for me. Not too deep, to warm, or too cool. It has a grey undertone which works really well for contours and creating the shadow of the face. I have not tried any of the top powders in a look yet but I have swatched them and they are so buttery and so smooth, they are the best contour powders I have used. These powders are easiest some of the best powders I have used that blend so smoothly. I don’t have to press too hard with the brush, which is really nice. I know that many people prefer the creme contour kit of hers but I just can’t seem to figure out cream contouring. I just find it so much harder to blend.

Have you tried any of the Anastasia of Beverly Hills contour products? What do you think? Or, do you have another brand that you really love? I’d love to hear! Always remember, everyday, to be bold, be beautiful, and be YOU!

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