What I Think Wednesday: MAC Powder Kiss

Hello my beauties, happy hump day! I hope everyone is getting on well with this week. Today I’m going to be reviewing the MAC Powder Kiss lipstick in 301 ‘A Little Tamed’. If you’ve ever tried this formula, I’d love to know your thoughts on it below!

While this looks read in the tube, it gives more of a pink hue. It is described on their site as “Matte, totally reinvented. Delivering a romantic blur of soft-focus colour, this weightless moisture-matte lipstick was developed to replicate a backstage technique” . I will admit that this lipstick is matte but it’s not horribly drying, which I love. The whole too dry thing is something that always puts me off of matte lipsticks. While in the picture and in the swatch (below) it looks like a Mandarin Red but when applied, at least on my skin tone, it’s a more mauvey pink.

While on the whole I really enjoy this lipstick and it’s formula I have noticed a negative when I was wearing it throughout the day. I have to keep reapplying, which doesn’t bother me but might do you, the biggest thing I noticed was that it really sinks into the lines in my mouth. I noticed that it was more noticeable as the day wore on and I reapplied it more and more. By the end of the night, the lines in my lips were horribly noticeable. I’m wondering, though, that if I had wiped off all of the previous application of the lipstick before I put the new one on maybe it would have been less noticeable. So maybe the one thing I don’t like about it could totally be my fault. All in all, I actually really like this lipstick. It’s a gorgeous color and is very comfortable on my lips. The color range in this collection goes from pale nudes to deep red. There are a lot of pink variations which I really enjoy. I believe there is a color for everyone, which I think something MAC is really good at. One lipstick will cost you $19, and you can get it anywhere MAC is sold.

Thank you for stopping by for this quick little review, I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. I’ll see you on Friday! ūüíē


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