Weekly Favorites #8: February 18-24, 2019

Hello my beauties! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend ūüėä I’m back today with this week’s weekly favorites. This week is the week for makeup and skincare. I’ve rediscovered some old loves and found some great new products and that is what I based these favorites around.

First up in the skincare category are two face masks, the Glam¬†Glow¬†Supermud¬†Clearing¬†Treatment¬†mask along with the Fresh¬†Rose¬†Face¬†Mask. I like to use these together. I put on the Glam Glow and then after I wash that off I put on the Rose mask to put some much needed moisture back into my skin. The Rose Face Mask I have is actually the ‘mini’ size! It’s huge and it is weighty and just feels luxurious. I got both of these at Sephora. While both are pretty pricey, I think it is definitely worth it- especially the Glam Glow mask. This is the only one I’ve ever had so I would love¬†some¬†suggestions as to what other masks, Glam Glow or not, that I should try!

In the evening I’ve been wearing the Creme Shop’s Overnight Gel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid every night after I use my toner and my Maracuja Oil. A little goes a long way with this product. It’s also pretty cool because it’s on of those moisturizers that you take a little out and leave a hole but when you open it up the next day it looks untouched! I just find that so cool! The other skincare product I’ve been loving is more for lips but I still count it as skincare. I’m talking about the Laneige¬†Lip¬†Sleeping¬†Mask¬†in¬†
Vanilla. I bought this because of Young, Wild, and Polished RAVING about it on her channel. Again, with this a little amount goes a long way. Now, is it the best price for the size? Probably not but because you only need a little so it will last you a good while.

Now for lips, I have two products I never thought I would like but I absolutely adore them! First up is the Tarte¬†Tarteist¬†Lip¬†Paint¬†in¬†Rose, I got this in a Christmas pack I got after the holidays from Sephora. It’s a matte formula which usually I don’t like but this is really comfortable on the lips and doesn’t make my lips feel dry or cracked or anything. I was also wary of the color because there is a bit of brown in it and that doesn’t work on me but because of the rosey tone, it looks really nice on my lips. I also have been absolutely loving the Maybelline¬†Superstay¬†Matte¬†Ink¬†in¬†125
Inspirer. I picked this up on a whim, I didn’t even look up reviews. I picked it up because I loved what the color looked like. This is so super comfortable, and I haven’t had any bad transfer once it has dried down. They have a really wide variety of colors, I highly recommend checking them out!

There were two face products that I have been using non stop this month. The first is the (can youguess?)Maybelline x NIKKIETUTORIALS 
highlighter. Up until I bought this (and promptly bought back ups), I had never had a drugstore priced highlighter (not counting Colourpop) that I loved. I can now check this off my list on things I still need drugstore wise. It’s a great highlight for fair-light skin tones which is nice because the rest of the colors in the Chrome Highlight collection are way too dark for someone who is fair. The second face product I’ve been loving, or re-loving actually, is my Laura Gellar Baked Blush-N-Brighten blush in the color Tropick Hues. I had received a sample size in my Ipsy bag (I think) and I fell in love. When I was getting Glossy Box, one of their special boxes had the full size of the blush as one of the products. I immediately ordered it. It brings color to your cheek but it’s not exactly pink, it’s more purple in tone but it doesn’t really look purple purple and there is a subtle shimmer running through so it also gives you a glow.

The palette I’ve been loving this month is the Stila Eyes are the… Soul palette. This palette also holds a color that I have in the Rocky Horror Project Pan I’m taking part in. If you would like to see what that’s all about, I’ll direct you to the post here. I’ve been using this a lot in trying to get comfortable with more neutral looks and, this and my Smashbox Full Exposure palette, are helping me to become more comfortable with it.

This week, I wanted to share with you some of the YouTubers I am really loving right now. Two of them are fairly new and two are old favorites that I love dearly. Jennifer McGuire(top left) and Amy R| Prairie, Paper, and Ink (top right) both of these amazing women are cardmakers and they inspire me in my own cardmaking journey. If you want to check out my cardmaking blog Cardstock Queen click here. The last two are fairly new discoveries to me, Allie Glines (middle right) and Lauren Dellafera (bottom bar). Both of these women discuss everything beauty and have tutorials that are easy to follow. I love watching all of these ladies and whether you do makeup or cards or both, I highly recommend checking their YouTube channels out. The pictures below were all pulled from Google and I believe they are their YouTube profiles or video title cards.

I hope you really enjoyed this post and were able to get something out of it. If there is anything you want to see be sure to pop it in the comments box. That’s all for now, have a great rest of your weekend and I will see you on Monday. XO

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!  Because you is the most beautiful you there is.

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