What I Think Wednesday: The Balm’s ‘Meet Matt(e) Shmaker’ palette

Hello my beauties! Happy half way through the week, I hope everyone’s week is going okay. Today I pulled out my new(er) ‘Meet Matt(e) Shmaker’ palette by The Balm that I had bought at IMATS LA and figured it was high time that I reviewed it.

This palette is really interesting to me how it is laid out, they are coupled off into couples with the matte colors complimenting the shimmer colors. All of the mattes are at the top of the duos and the bottom pans are the shimmer colors. I like that the top row is all neutral colors and the bottom row is full of bolder colors. This would be a great palette for traveling because of it’s completeness and it’s compact size. It fits into my outstretched hand.

These are the matte colors, from left to right they are: Matt Lemos, Matt Shahvaran, Matt Stupak, Matt Campbell, Matt Snyder, and Matt Wong. I am really pleased with the quality of these shadows. I don’t waste my time with chalky or dry matte shadows because I just don’t have the patience to blend them out. These are ridiculously smooth and really creamy and they apply like a dream. All of these are a single finger swipe except for the one furthest to the left. I did two swipes because of how light of a color it is. i would mainly use that color to set my primer and/or concealer.

Here are the shimmer colors, from left to right they are: Pat Lemos, Kate Shahvaran, Alex Stupak, Lisa Campbell*, Rose Snyder, and Jamie Wong. These are really easy to apply and blend as well, but not as much as the matte colors. None of them are super chunky shadows, but they still pack a powerful punch. I love the purple/berry color, Lisa Campbell, because it is pretty unique to my collection. These are also all one swipe except for the second shadow from the left and the fourth shadow from the left. Those two needed two swipes, the light one because it is so light and wouldn’t show on camera and the berry one because it just did not swatch well which surprised me. It is a great color on the eyes, though. Below is a look I did for Monday’s Make it Up Monday where I focused on this palette. The look I did used those two colors and they applied beautifully. I guess they just don’t swatch well.

Here are all of the colors swatched with their mates:

As you can see, the color combos are great together but you can also mix and match to create your own combinations. They all blend dreamily and that alone makes me so glad that I decided to pick this one over one of their Nude ‘Tueds palettes. While I’d like to try one of those too, I like this one more because it has color.

Here is the packaging. The pans are smaller but for the price point, $29.50 USD, I would expect the pans to be half the size of a, say, Urban Decay palette. The packaging is cardboard but it feels sturdy and has a large mirror in the top flap which is another bonus for it being great for travel.

Have you tried this palette? Or any of The Balm’s palettes? I want to try more of their shadows, but I’m unsure of where to start. I would love to hear your suggestions, so leave them down in the comment box. I will be back again on Friday for Whatever I Feel Friday where we’re going to do a Shop my Stash for March and then Saturday for It’s in the Bag Saturday with my February 2019 Favorites! I’ve got a lot in store for the rest of the week and the weeks ahead, so be sure to follow and keep your eyes peeled! XO
[‘*’ denotes a product in the “Rocky Horror Panning Show”]

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!  Because you is the most beautiful you there is.

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