What I Think Wednesday: Maybelline x Nikkietutorials

Hello my beauties! Today, I’m going to share with you my full review on the Maybelline x Nikkietutorials collab. If you’ve ready my February Favorites, or any of the last month’s favorites really, you would know that I already love this highlight. Which in itself is strange because I don’t usually like drugstore highlighters, so why I decided to try this I’ll never know. I’m glad I did! It’s absolutely amazing, especially for those with fair skin (like myself) because unlike the original Master Chrome highlighters, this one isn’t super gold or super dark. Read on to hear my full thoughts.

This comes in the same packaging as their other Master Chrome highlighters. The three colors that are permanent to the collection are Molten Gold, Molten Rose Gold, and Molten Peach. I never looked twice at these because those colors don’t work for me, they’re just way too dark. Enter this beauty. I was placing an order on the Ulta website and I saw and said, why the heck not? I should mention here that this highlighter is only available at Ulta, it’s exclusive to that store. You can pick up the Maybelline x Nikkietutorials Master Chrome Highlighter in 250 for $9.99. In the description of the product they say, “The illuminating powder consist of a blend of pearl pigments and metallic chrome sheen that leaves a reflective finish for a brilliant skin glow. ” From what I’ve seen, this statement holds true. I would caution you to not travel with it. The highlighter is super soft and shatters easily, I had one of the backups I ordered come shattered. I’ve only ever had a backup for one highlighter before, the Jaclyn Hill x Becca ‘Champagne Pop’. I just never felt any of the ones I owned were good enough. If I were to pick a similar product on the higher end of the makeup spectrum, I would say The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer comes pretty close to an exact dupe. Now, let’s see that swatch!

Okay, I’m not the best swatch picture taker but I have to admit that being double jointed certainly comes in handy. Here is the swatch and this is just one swipe so imagine what it would look like when built up. The highlighter is very very soft to the touch and is very buttery. Most highlighters I own are pretty solid, not counting Colourpop. This, with the minimalist amount of pressure can be squished. This can either be subtle or be built up to a blinding glow. When applied subtly this highlighter can look quite natural. The packaging of this product is plastic but is in no way flimsy or cheap. It is very sturdy and the packaging itself could take a beating in your bag but still come out alright. Since it is so buttery it doesn’t have a chalk like texture or application. My favorite brush to use with this is my Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender Brush. It’s not super stiff so it’s perfect at building up the highlight.

You can see that I am head over heels in love with this product and I hope you will go out and give it a try too. Do you have a drugstore highlighter that you absolutely cannot go without? I’d love to know! I’ll see you all on Friday! XO

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