What I Think Wednesday: Revolution Makeup

Hello my beauties! Welcome back to another ‘What I Think Wednesday’. Today instead of reviewing a specific product, I decided I wanted to do a bit of a brand review. Now, I do not own a product from every beauty category from this brand but I feel I have a good idea about how the rest of their products are just by what I do own and use. I’m going to be talking about Revolution Makeup (formerly Makeup Revolution). I had admired this brand for years before it came to the States and were put into Ulta. As soon as they were available I wanted to try it, and I did. I did it a little backwards though, I started with eyeshadows and then did face products. Backwards. But, hey, it worked. Let’s go in the order I tried the products, shall we?

The Revolution Iconic 3 palette is on the left and the Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever palette is on the right. My first one was the Iconic three for the sole reason that it looked like my beloved Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. Now, I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for but it truly is a good quality product. I have found that there is little fall out and the shadows are very smooth. I do think it’s a viable dupe. The Iconic Fever is the newest palette I picked up from them and I love it! I think it is possibly a dupe for the Naked Heat but don’t quote me. I’m still learning the ins and outs of my own Naked Heat palette. For the amount of shadows you get and the quality, the price is amazing. For those wondering, the Reloaded palettes are $7 at Ulta which is such a steal! Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the Iconic 3 palette on the Ulta site anymore. If you know where to find it, could you share it down below for anyone interested? Thank you!

Only in the past, say, year and a half did I really start caring and taking joy in the base products of makeup. Primer, foundation, concealer, and powder were all things that I would do but really didn’t care for. Now I love finding a great primer or foundation that I really love or a concealer that is that just right shade. I have come to love the Revolution foundations and base products in the last six months. I started with the Conceal and Define Full Coverage Foundation in F2 which is the one with the giant doe foot. I know there are people shouting about how unhygienic that is but since I only use it on my face and I don’t have it in my professional kit, I’m not bothered. With this when they say full coverage, boy do they mean it! It’s full coverage but isn’t heavy or super cakey. It also works well with my Oily/Combination skin which is a big win. More recently I’ve started using their Fast Base Stick Foundation in F3 and I am loving it. It’s very cream and applies and blends out like a dream. It is easy to go overboard so start with a very light hand. I actually have two back ups in this color because I like it so much and I go through foundation sticks like water. I also use the Fast Base Stick Foundation in F14 and F18 to cream contour. I used to be terrified to cream contour- it’s very daunting! These foundations sticks are so creamy, though, that it makes it very easy to blend out and is buildable without looking heavy. I just started using their Conceal and Define Full Coverage Concealer and Contour in C1 and C3 and so far I am please with the results. I chose my colors online and the fact that they actually work for my skin is pretty amazing. The last product I own from Revolutions makeup line is the Luxury Baking Powder in Lace. I just started learning how to bake, so a powder labeled for such a task drew my attention. I want to pick up their Translucent or Ghost baking powder because the Lace one is a little too yellow for me. What really pleases me is that they have 11 shades for you to choose from! They have a color for nearly every skin tone and undertone.
If you want to check out all of the goodies they have available at Ulta, check them out here.

There you have it, I really have been loving these products for the past month/ month and a half especially. Their products are decently priced so you won’t break the bank picking up a few pieces to try, win win! I will see you all on Friday for ‘Whatever I Feel Friday’!! XO

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!  Because you is the most beautiful you there is.


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