December ’18- March ’19 Empties

Hello my beauties! I’m here to share with you my first Empties post of the year. Anything that was project will be denoted with an asterisk. Let’s jump in!

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion: I love this lotion, it’s really thick and it really moisturizes the skin really well.
Camalia and Cardimum body wash: This wasn’t your typical floral body wash, it had more of a scent like a man’s body wash and I loved it!

*Tarte Maracuja Oil: This is, hands down, my favorite facial oil. I use it in the evening and I wake up feeling hydrated and not oil. I’m already working on another one.
100% Natural Argan Oil: I’m glad I’m through this, I used it in the morning mixed with my lotion, but I am ready to try something new. I had found this on Amazon I think.
Your Good Skin Pore Minimizing Tonic: I purchased this through Ulta and I’m glad it was cheap because it really didn’t do anything which really disappointed me because most of the reviews were positive when I bought it.
Mario Badescu Facial Spray (Lavender and Chamomile): I bought the 4oz size just to try the new scent out since it was scents I love and I’m so glad I did! I used this right after I toned my face as a light layer of hydration before going in with lotion and oil. I’m currently using the 8oz of the same scent.
Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water for Waterproof makeup: I remove my makeup in steps and this is the last one. I really liked it and thought it did a great job. I have a back up in my closet but right now I’m using BioDerma for combination skin (and liking it).

*Maybelline Color Tattoos: These I did not have the chance to finish because they completely dried out on me. That’s to be expected though because they’re so old. I’m not planning on buying anything like this in the future just now.
Dr. Bronners Peppermint Organic Lip Balm: I picked this up at Target because I love his castile soap to wash my brushes. It was very minty, which was a plus, but it didn’t stay on my lips very long to make any dent in the hydration of my lips.
Maybelline Lash Sensational (Waterproof): I really loved this mascara, the original that is, it made my lashes look great. I have so many other mascaras right now I’m going to hold off buying it for the time being.
Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (waterproof): I really love the original formula of this mascara, it’s one of my holy grails but this waterproof version was trash. It was super dry from the first day I opened and used it. I’m sticking with the OG.
Soap and Glory Brow Archery Gel in Blonde Luck: I was really pleased with the tint in this gel, it could just swipe that in and have my brows still look good. The price is killer, though. I think it is very expensive for the amount of product you get.
Generic peppermint lip balm with no tag (Canadian)– I got this in a swap with a friend in Canada a few years ago and now that I’ve used it I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately there was no name on the bottle just a tiny picture on the seal.

And that’s all she wrote! Have you finished off any products lately? I’d love to hear what your product experiences have been. I will see you on Monday, have a great weekend!

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU!!  Because you is the most beautiful you there is.

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