Mini Haul MAC and Ulta

Hello my beauties, just a quick post for now. I had the chance to order some new (to me) Revolution makeup palettes. I also got to do something I rarely get to do, go into the MAC store in the mall. I picked up two small things from the MAC store that I’m really excited to use.

From MAC I picked up the MAC lip scrub in ‘Fruit of Passion’ and the Lustre lipstick in ‘Plumfull’. I’ve always worn their Creme formula so I’m excited for Fall so I can wear ‘Plumfull’ out and about. I did swatch it on my lips when I got home and it feels so nice; I really think I’m going to love wearing this come fall.

From Revolution, I got three eye palettes and one highlighter palette. Top left is the Rose Gold Glow by I ❤ Revolution, the one next to it on the left is the Nudes Chocolate mini palette. I also picked up the I ❤ Revolution One True Love square palette and the SophX palette on the far right. I’ve already used the SophX palette and it is nicely pigmented and blends well. I’m going to be traveling soon so I think the Nudes Chocolate palette and the Rose Gold Glow palette are going to come in handy. I’ve swatched each of them and I think they are all looking promising. I just love the quality of the Revolution products, it really is on the higher end of things.

Thank you for stopping by for this quick little post. I hope you enjoyed it. Have you had a chance to try Revolution makeup? What are your favorite pieces? I’d love to know! I’ll be seeing you soon! XO

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