Mary-Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighter

Hello my beauties! For this week’s ‘Whatever I Feel’, I really wanted to do another review. I have had this product awhile now but there is still a lot left and I still haven’t reviewed it. Well, that ends today! Keep reading to see what I think of this product.

I got this product at the Los Angeles IMATS a year or two ago from the booth by the Balm. You can purchase it here on their website for $14.50. I believe it is also sold at the Kohls that carry the Balm Cosmetics. I was so excited to get my hands on this iconic color, I could hardly contain my excitement as I purchased it. I actually got this before I got the cult classic powder version. I don’t usually lean towards liquid highlighters but this looked so good, I bypassed that worry. The color itself is gorgeous, as it is in the powder too, so that was one fact in their favor. Now, since I don’t know if this is something with liquid highlighters, I wouldn’t know how fast it is to dry down. This product dries down really fast. Fast as in you can’t do both of your cheeks at once before blending, you have to do one area then blend it. Otherwise it becomes a real pain to try to blend out to make it look natural. I really do find this fact very frustrating. Now that I’ve been using it for awhile I am used to doing it but when I first figured out that it wasn’t going to blend normally, I got really frustrated. So for a while there I didn’t want to use it but I also didn’t want to waste it so I went back to trying and eventually I figured that out. In every other way, though, I do like this product. The color is stunning, especially when you top it with the powder version, it looks gorgeous once you figure out how to blend it, and it has a doe foot applicator (pictured down below). I’ve learned that with liquid products, I like it when there is a doe foot. It’s less likely to go on gloopy or for you to get too much. I think I would give this product a 4⭐ Review. Have you tried it? What was your experience with it or other liquid highlighters? XO ❤

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  1. Never tried this highlighter but I can never figure out liquid highlighters anyway. More often then not, I just mix a tiny bit of luminizer into my foundation for the best results


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