A review of Urban Decay Vice lipsticks

For today’s review, I wanted to share my Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. I know I only have three, but I have just what I need- a nude, a pink, and a bright pink. The first one I bought was in the color ‘Disobedient’ which is a gorgeous pink.

I have a gorgeous pinky nude named ‘Naked’, the pink in the middle is a great everyday color, and the bright pink ‘Psycho’ is something I love to wear when going out. The ‘Naked’ and ‘Disobedient’ lipsticks are in the Urban Decay Cream formula and the ‘Psycho’ lipstick is in their Comfort Matte formula. I find these lipsticks to be very pigmented, even the nude, and that they go on smoothly and they don’t bleed. There are matching lip liners but I don’t use them and I don’t have a problem with it bleeding outside my lip lines. Below are the swatched lipsticks which are, top to bottom, ‘Naked’, ‘Disobedient’, and ‘Psycho’.

These are some of my favorite lipsticks. Do you use them? What colors would you suggest I try next? I look forward to hearing from you 😊 As usual, my social media is linked down below if you’d like to check it out! XO❤


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