My Top 5 Perfumes

Hello, my beautiful friends! A day late but here is the post I had planned for Friday. I wanted to continue my ‘Top [enter number here]’ series and for this week I chose perfume to be the category. If you would like to read the other two I’ve done, you can find my top 6 highlighters post here and you can find my top 5 foundations post here. I could have split this post two ways, one post for perfumes in a bottle and one for rollerball perfumes or the way I’ve combined it here. I thought this would be a more accurate presentation of the perfumes I truly love. Let’s get our testers out and start smelling perfumes!

The first perfume I wanted to share with you is Glam Princess by Vera Wang which you can find on Amazon here. The top notes in this perfume are fruity and sweet. I find it goes best with the spring and summer seasons. My first love will always be the original because that was my first ‘big girl’ perfume. I don’t have any of that one right now so I decided to share the one I’ve been wearing the most. I like how the packaging of all of the varying versions of the perfumes correlates with the name. The top is a crown that you pull off and on the larger bottles the bottom band comes off as well and can be worn as a ring, Personally, I just like to save the crowns which are also solely unique to each version. I think the ‘Princess’ perfume range by Vera Wang is a great starter perfume for young ladies and is still good for women of any age.

This was the first perfume I used when I started to branch out from the ‘Princess’ range. This is a very floral perfume but it has just a bit of spice to it which I think turns it up a few notches. I think that’s why I like it because I don’t like completely floral perfumes. I find they are just so overwhelming. You can find this perfume at Sephora in five different sizes including a rollerball! I have the rollerball in ‘Absolutely Blooming’ and it looks and feels just as luxe as their bottles do. The packaging is simple, clean, and classic. I just can’t see where you’d go wrong unless you truly hate florals then steer clear.

My last three perfumes I combined into one picture because they are all from the Elizabeth and James Nirvana brand. I have the Nirvana White, Nirvana Black, and Nirvana French Grey. They used to be sold at Sephora but it looks like they’ve moved over to Ulta because that’s where I found them. You can only get them online at Ulta but I really think they are worth waiting for in the mail. The Black was the first one I purchased and it has notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Violet. It’s the Sandalwood that drew me into this one first. The White perfume has notes of Musk, Chic Muguet, and Peony. From what I can gather online, Chic Muguet is a type of musk. Then to my most recent purchase, the French Grey rollerball. The French Grey perfume has hints of Lavender, Earthy Musk, and Honeyed Neroli. I definitely just bought this at first because it has Lavender in it and I adore Lavender. I love having the rollerballs but I’m hoping to get the actual spray perfumes sometime in the near future. These rollerballs are very purse-friendly and when I’m wearing one and go out, I always put it in my purse for a touch- up.

There you have it! What are some of your favorite perfumes, I’d love to know! Are any of these on your list to try? As usual, my social media is linked down below if you want to check it out and follow for more information and tidbits.


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