Back to School Makeup Essentials

Hello, my beautiful readers! I hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend and that it isn’t too hot where you are. Today will be a short post, I wanted to share with you the back to school makeup essentials that I used and still believe they are relevant still today. Let’s start!


  • BB or CC Cream (Garnier makes nicely priced drugstore ones). I don’t have a drugstore one at the moment that I like so I’m on the hunt.
  • Concealer for acne spots and undereye. You can use the same product for both things, I do. Less to buy means less to lose.
  • Powder to set in the morning and to touch up throughout the day. I really love the Rimmel Stay Matte. The packaging is terrible but with how good the product is, I’m willing to overlook that.


  • Blush. I myself preferred a neutral or a subtle pink with some shimmer.
  • Highlighter. Not a necessity to some but a must for others like me. The drugstore has some nice ones, I really like the Nikkie Tutorials on with Maybelline that can only be bought at Ulta.
  • I didn’t include a bronze just because I feel it’s too much for high school but if you love it, have at it!


  • Eyeshadow. Personally, I love a simple wash when it came to my eye makeup at school. I really love Colourpop Super Shock Shadows for this.
  • Eye Brows. I prefer a pencil to a powder or pomade just because it is quicker to do.
  • Liquid Liner. I prefer liquid liner for the top for a narrow line with a tiny flick.
  • Bottom Lashline. I’ve never tried liquid liner on the lower lashline but I would imagine it to be difficult so I always stick to a pencil. This Long Lasting one by Maybelline does the job nicely.
  • Mascara. I can’t go without mascara, it’s like highlighter for me. I like a good drugstore one with a fluffy natural bristled brush which makes it easier to coat the lashes faster, in my opinion. As with most things though, it is all personal preference.

And finally, lips. I really liked using lip crayons in school (I still do😜) because they were easy to apply without the use of a mirror. I really like the Revlon and Clinique ones but there are a lot to choose from, it’s personal preference.

As I promised, short(er) and sweet. I hope everyone has a safe and great back to school experience this year. I wish you nothing but the best and I hope to see you around here once in a while. Below is my social media if you’d like to keep up and I’ll be seeing you soon! XO❤


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