Weekly Favorites #20

Hello, my beauties! This week’s favorites are a bit all over in the beauty world but sometimes I love it when that happens. Let’s get to it!

First off, I have a perfume I have loved wearing this week- Vera Wang Princess Power. There are quite a few different versions in the Vera Wang Princess line, this is just one of many. It’s got nice floral notes with a bit of spice. The packaging is one of my favorite parts about this bottle. It sort of reminds me of Andy Warhol. I have the smaller sized bottle but it is a powerful one so I only need a spritz on my neck and one on each wrist.

I had wanted the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray ever since I saw it on a British bloggers blog. It has a very relaxing scent and air. I only do one or two spritzes on my pillow because it has a great pump and has a very strong scent. I purchased mine from Amazon and I got the 2.5fl oz one but there is one that is a bit larger.

I was shocked going over my favorites that I had NEVER mentioned the Benefit Go Go Tint. I really love the Benefit lip and cheek tints. I talked about my favorite colors from these tints, you can check out my blog post about it. I like how it is like a nail polish applications, it makes it easier to control the application of the color.

I love The Ordinary’s AHA 30%+BHA 2% Peeling Solution. I only use it once a week right now so that I don’t harm my sensitive skin. You can’t leave it on for very long, at least I can’t, it starts to tingle. It doesn’t dry so it’s very easy to wash off. As always, the Ordinary products are priced very reasonably and you can get them from Sephora (online only).

I know I probably shouldn’t list this since I don’t think you can buy these anymore except maybe on Amazon but I have three and I love all of them! The one I’ve been wearing non-stop this week is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 053 ‘Sorbet’. It’s a gorgeous bright pink and is soft so I’ve had to wear it only at home because I am afraid that it would melt in my purse in this SoCal heat. They are very moisturizing and crazy pigmented.

I have talked about this before but I’m going to be a broken record and mention it again, my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in ‘Vanilla’. I am so surprised how much of this I have used and that I can actually see a true dent in the balm. I bought mine from Sephora where they also have a Berry flavor. It looks like Vanilla has also become one of the regular products. It does come with a rubber applicator which I used for a while but I decided I preferred applying it with my fingers.

Down near San Diego, there is a company called Botanicals by the Sea. I’ve loved their products ever since I discovered them at the Harvest Festival at the Fairplex every fall. Out of everything I’ve tried from the company, their Bee ZZZ’s Sleep and Stress Balm. When I’m stressed out, I dap this on my pulse points and put some just under my nose. They have a mini travel size and this 1oz full size. It’s a solid, sort of like a solid essential oil.

Lastly, I have been LOVING my Revolution SophX Ultra Eyeshadow palette. I finally got my hands on the right one! I had bought one and it just didn’t look right and I was right, I had bought the wrong SophX palette. This one has gorgeous pigmented and blendable colors. The mattes are smooth and there is very little fallout from the glitter and shimmer shades. This palette definitely suits me better. I think I will do a comparison of the two SophX palettes I have for a post next week. What do you think?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope everyone had a great week and will have a great week ahead. If there is any type of post you want to see or something you want reviewed (if I have it), then let me know! I want to share content YOU want to see as much as I want to write it. XO❤ My social media is linked down below if you would like to take a look!


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