“Blood Mask” Review

I’m here to suck your blood, ooooohhhhh. Okay, I’m not a vampire and the mask isn’t really a ‘blood mask’ at all. It’s a very strong peeling and exfoliating mask that is red in color giving it said nickname. I have a lot of masks, I won’t deny that because I really do love using them. Continue on to see what I’m talking about! Don’t worry about any links in the post, they are only there for your own convenience. They are not affiliate links, the companies do not know I’m linking to them, and I make nothing from you clicking or buying from it.

The mask that I am referring to today is from a brand called ‘The Ordinary’ that you can get from Sephora and only online. This particular product is their AHA 30%+BHA 2% Peeling Solution. It comes in a luxe frosted glass bottle and you apply it using a dropper that is attached to the cap. For good coverage, I usually use two to three full droppers to get the most coverage and best results. Now, looking at this and know what I’ve told you it is and contains and comparing it to other things that are similar on the market, how much would you expect it to costa? $20? $25? More? You can get this from Sephora for $7.20 for 1oz of product! Be sure to check it out here.

Like with any mask, you will want to get your hair out of the way. I love using this headband from the Creme Shop because it’s super soft. Apply the product to your face using the dropper, I do both cheek/cheekbones and my forehead. I then spread it around my face using my fingertips being very careful to avoid the eye area. Once applied you can leave it on for up to 10 minutes depending on your skin sensitivity and then rinse it off using warm water, again avoiding the eyes. My skin feels so nice after I use this mask. I like to follow this mask with a hydrating sheet mask just to round everything out.

There are my two cents about this product. It’s priced nicely and I can see tangible results when I use it. Would I recommend this? Most definitely! Have you tried this mask? What do you think of it? Thank you for reading and don’t forget, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! See you next time! XO

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