My Favorite Lotions

Hello my beauties and welcome to my blog! With the weather being so cool and dry here in California, I figured I would share with you my favorite lotions. I figured I would start with the lightest and work my way up to the heaviest cream. I picked out a total of six, I hope you find some new ones to try or see ones you already love. I will try to provide a link to as many of the products as possible for you. These are not affiliate links, so I make nothing if you decide to purchase from them. I give you the links to make your life easier and so you don’t waste time looking for it. I hope you enjoy today’s post!

First my lightest lotions, Crabtree and Evelyn’s Sweet Almond Oil Body Lotion and ‘Magic in the Air’ by Bath and Body Works. The ‘Magic in the Air’ Body Lotion is great for all seasons because it is light but still provides a good deal of moisture without being sticky. I really enjoy it because of the Sandalwood notes it has, I love woodsy scents. I find that this one can be applied after bathing on damp skin or in the morning on dry skin. The second, Crabtree and Evelyn’s Sweet Almond Oil Body Lotion is in my Top 2 favorite lotions ever. I got mine at Marshalls and now I understand why, I can’t find it anywhere on Amazon or online stores so it must be discontinued. Despite that fact, I still love it and use it regularly. It is almost exactly the same scent as the L’Occitane Sweet Almond oil products which I absolutely adore. I especially love using this after a shower because the scent lingers and it actually helps me to sleep because it’s just so comforting. If you ever see this or the body wash, or have been considering the L’occitane one, I would 100% recommend you to pick it up!

I really love the Bath and Body Works new(ish) body creams, which is why there are two on this list! The first is the Aromatherapy line ‘Sleep’ body cream with Black Chamomile. I love to use this on nights when I’m having a lot of trouble getting to sleep. I initially had this in just a body lotion but I used it up and moved on to this without changing the scent because I like it so much. Bath and Body Works has a couple different ‘Sleep’ scents in their Aromatherapy line but this one is my favorite out of the ones I’ve tried. The other Bath and Body Works body cream I love is their Stress Relief body cream with Sandalwood and Eucalyptus. This was from their Island Edition so it’s not available anymore but they have a lot of other scents, most of them containing Eucalyptus. This one was a bit sweeter than I expected but it did help. I am almost out of this so I am excited to give another one of their scents a try. The Bath and Body Works body creams are my favorite body creams because they are thick but not too thick, they aren’t sticky, they’re not too oily, and the scent- while being noticeable- isn’t overpowering. The last body cream is from the brand Relief and it is their Pure Epsom Salt Body Cream in Lavender. I have a lot of trouble sleeping so I gravitate towards anything that has lavender or chamomile in it because it helps to relax me just the tiniest bit. I got this in my stocking last year and I’ve been using it ever since. Out of all of the body creams I have mentioned in this post, this is definitely the most cost effective. The lavender scent is strong so some may not like it, but I enjoy it. It is a bit more oily than the Bath and Body Works body creams but not to the point that it would put me off of using it.

The last product I want to share with you is a body butter from The Body Shop. This is the other product in my Top 2. I get the Wild Argan Oil Body Butter because it is the thickest in their line. If you know the Body Shop products, you know they have a lot of body butters but this is the absolute thickest. It comes in two sizes, the regular size you see in stores and a MEGA size! I really want to get the MEGA size when I’m out of this one because I go through it so fast! This is my favorite to put on after I take a shower when my skin is still damp. While heavy, it is very creamy and smooths onto the skin with ease. I like to use this on my heels especially and then put sleep socks over them to lock in the moisture. Even when I don’t do that or I’m just talking about all over, my skin is still supple and soft when I get up the next morning. It is the furthest from sticky that you can get. It is a bit pricey costing $21 for a regular sized tub but in my opinion, it is completely worth it.

There you have it, my favorite body lotions, creams, and butters! I’m always looking to try new fragrances, especially from Bath and Body Works so share your favorites down below! If you liked today’s post, please consider subscribing or following me on Social Media. FYI on Instagram, my handle is @emmadelfosse_mua not CanvasofaFace. Thank you so much for taking time out to check out my little blog, I hope you have a great week! Don’t forget, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XO

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