Sephora Hand Mask: Review

Hello, my beauties and welcome back to my blog! For today’s post, I figured a review was in order. I had picked up the Sephora Hand Mask during the last sale and I hadn’t tried it until last night. I love masks but had never tried a hand or foot one that have become so popular. So, when I was there and I saw it I decided to pick two of the hand ones up to give them a go. I will try to link to the mask, it is not an affiliate link so I make nothing if you buy from it. I provide a link just to make shopping easier.

The product itself comes inside a sealed silver iridescent pouch. The glove itself is one size fits all. The gloves are plastic, are mint green, and have cute little penguins all over it. The mask has aloe in it which surprisingly has a strong, but not unpleasant, smell. There is a plastic tab that you peel off one part of and once you have the glove on you wrap the tab around your wrist to secure the glove to your hand.

The glove is not overloaded with product so you don’t feel like you’re sticking your hand into a jar of jelly. You leave the gloves on for fifteen minutes and during that time you can go about doing what you want or need to do since they are secured with the little sticky tab. When my fifteen minutes were up and I took the gloves off, I was pleasantly surprised with the result. One of the claims is softer cuticles and I found that to be true! I have callouses and rough spots on my hands because of the wheelchair and working with power tools and even those were softened. I was pleased with the fact that when I took the gloves off, while there was still product on my hands, it didn’t feel sticky or gooey. My hands definitely felt softer.

I am so glad that I bought two of these because I really enjoyed doing the hand mask and the results it gave. If you want to pamper your hands, I would definitely recommend this product. Be sure to check out the Sephora site or in-store to purchase them. You can check out all of their hand masks here. If you enjoyed today’s post, please consider following/subscribing here and on social media. On Instagram my handle is @ emmadelfosse_mua . Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to be bold, be beautiful, be YOU!

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