The Best Lip Products to Wear and NOT Wear on a Date

Being that I’m going on a date this weekend, I figured I should do a date type of post. In walks the lip products. Choose poorly and your date night can be made quite uncomfortable. I picked a product from each family, lipstick, gloss, etc. I hope you enjoy today’s post and if you do, please feel free to subscribe and follow!

First things first, a good lip liner is always a must. These two are from Illamasqua in Lust and Media. Lip liners not only line the lips but they help to keep the color from running. As well, it helps when you wear regular lipstick and when it starts to wear off you still have some color on your lips. I like the Illamasqua ones because they are nice and pigmented and not too hard.

First, let’s talk about lip gloss. I find this to be a big no-no when it comes to wearing it on a date. if you have long hair it can get caught in the lip gloss and when you try to wipe it away it leaves a streak of gloss across your cheek. Plus anything you apply will be immediately gone as soon as you take a bite or sip something. Glosses have their place but in the dating arena I find it best to leave them on the sidelines.

Next are lip crayons, what you see above is an Hourglass version of a lip crayon. While easy to apply and full of color, it isn’t very long lasting. I find that lip crayons are sometimes the worst at wearing away evenly. They always leave a line around the mouth which isn’t good.

Third are regular bullet lipsticks. Satin and Creme forms wear off fairly quickly but the matte formulas have better lasting power. They are a great option for a casual date where you can excuse yourself to touch up. They fit nicely into a purse which is another bonus.

The Tarteist lip paint is a great liquid lipstick to wear on a date but any liquid lipstick you are comfortable with will work wonderfully. Liquid lipstick doesn’t smear unless it is met with oils. Even then they still look nice and are something I would suggest for any sort of date.

The lip product that I would recommend most of all for dates is a lip stain. It doesn’t budge and fades back nicely. There is no smearing when it comes to lip stains. I really love my sole Dior one but even drugstore ones work really nicely. This is the one I would recommend.

There you have it, the lip products I think would be best (or worst) for a date night. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Sunday’s post will be a day late because this Sunday is the LA IMATS convention and I will be there all day! I will post about it on Monday, so be sure to come back and give it a read. Don’t forget to be bold, be beautiful, be YOU!! XOXO

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