Project Pan 2020!

Hello my beauties and welcome back or if you’re new here, hi! I’ve never actually done a project pan b before but I am going to give it a try this year. I think the proper term is a rolling project pan because the plan is that once I finish a product, I will pick something new to pan or finish. I have six pieces I want to pan and four pieces that I would really like to finish. I may, if I’m bored with it, once I hit pan on one of my pan items I may switch it out for something else to try and pan or I will move it to the finish category. I hope that makes sense. I will try to link to as many things as I can. None of these links are affiliate, I just provide them to enable easier shopping. Let’s go!

To Finish:

The first thing I would like to finish is my Cover FX Blurring Primer which I got last year at IMATS. I think I am about halfway through it but have no way to tell unless I cut open the tube. Next, I would like to finish my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine in ‘Vibrant Raspberry’. I absolutely adore this lip gloss and once this is finished I will pick up another (or two). I just want to challenge myself to actually finish a lip product and I think this one is the safest bet. Next, I would really like to finish my Maybelline x NikkieTutorials Master Chrome Highlight in 250. I absolutely adore this product, that’s one of the biggest panned areas I have in all of my products. I do have two backups but I want to challenge myself to use it and not hoard it and never use it. The last thing I want to finish is the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer in C3. I can sort of see in the tube that I am about halfway done with this product and I would love to try to finish it up before I open even more concealers. These are pieces I think I have a very good chance of finishing this coming year and I really want to try and do it instead of bouncing around from product to product every day. I mean, I’ll still bounce but not as frequently as I did last year.

To Pan:

Here are the first few products I would really like to hit pan on. First is the Marc Jacobs O!Mega Highlighter in ‘Worth the Wait’. This highlighter is from their Runway Collection that came out last spring and I’ve already made a sizeable dent in it. I love highlighters so having two in this Project Pan attempt shouldn’t really be a problem. I would really like to try to hit pan in a bronzer and for that I chose a deluxe sample size of the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. This is going to be a bit more difficult because I only started using bronzer this year and I’m still very light handed with it. I chose this one because it’s matte and I figured I could also use it for contouring. I know it’s only a deluxe size but this will probably take me to the end of the year if I can do it. Up next are two Colourpop Super Shock Shadows in ‘Lovely’ and ‘Ladybird’. I love these shadows and it shouldn’t be hard to hit pan on them or even possibly use them up. They’re very sparkly and look nice alone or paired with other shadows on the eye. They are versatile.

I decided to add two palettes to my project pan, not the whole palette though just one shadow and I chose ‘Rose Pink’ from the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette. Out of all of the ABH palettes I own this is the one that has some of the biggest dents in it. There is a sizeable dip in this shadow and I would really like to hit pan on it. The color is gorgeous and works great on my skin tone. The other shadow I want to pan is from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and it’s the color ‘Buzz’. I’ve had this palette for what feels like forever, it was my first high-end palette and I still absolutely love it. I’m all for those rosy tones. This shadow has had a significant dip in it for a while and I finally decided it was time to stop nursing it and just enjoy using it not even being worried about hitting pan… and then running out of the color, I mean. I’m really pleased with myself that I chose colors from palettes to try and pan.

That’s what I have to start in my Project Pan 2020. I’m really excited to be trying this and I’m also a bit nervous to be doing it. I’m finally getting over the stage of nursing my makeup so I never run out and now I want to try and finish some things. Are you doing a project pan this year? What have you picked? Leave a link below so I can read all about yours! Thank you for reading, it means so much to me. If you feel so moved, I would love it if you would subscribe/follow this blog. That way, you’ll always know when I’ve posted- every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday time fluctuating. I look forward to seeing you next time and don’t forget to be bold, be beautiful, and most importantly, be YOU! XOXO

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