Favorite Hair Styling Products for Short Hair

Hello my beauties and welcome! Today I wanted to share with you what some of my favorite styling products are for my short hair. I made the move to cut my long hair off about a year ago and I absolutely love it. First things, I can actually style it myself and not have it take hours on end. I just grab some product and use it to shape or spike my hair. My left arm doesn’t work properly so having a simple hairstyling routine that I can do with one hand if need be makes my day so much easier.

First, let’s start with the less strong hold products. If I want some light styling I reach for my Garnier Fructis Pixie Play Crafting Cream. This is more liquidy and lighter than the other products I use so it’s easy to brush out when the day is done and I don’t have time to take a shower until the morning. It also smells nice. The next product in the order from lightest to strongest hold is my got 2b glued spiking wax. This is much thicker than the Garnier Fructis product so that makes it easier to apply without much mess. With this product, a little bit goes quite a way so this has lasted me quite a few years. I had purchased it when I had a shorter haircut in college.

My favorite spiking paste has to be my Redken Shape Factor 22. This product has the strongest hold out of everything I have ever tried. You don’t need a lot of this product to spike and shape your hair because it is such a strong hold. It isn’t as stiff as the got 2 b product, it’s got a mixture of cream and paste giving it a weird texture. The last product I love to use in my hair is something I use for volume and to prep my hair before adding the paste. I use the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. This is a volumizing and texturizing powder. You don’t need a lot of this product, one little shake goes a long way. It does give your hair an odd feeling when you touch it but since I don’t touch my hair all day, I don’t really notice any difference except for when I am adding my sculpting paste.

There you have it, my favorite hair styling products for my short hair. I hope you can find something of use for your own hair in this post. The Big Sexy Hair Powder Play can work on any length hair. If you enjoyed today’s post, please consider subscribing/ following. That way you will be notified every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday when I post. If you want to follow me on Instagram, check me out at @ emmadelfosse_mua, I’d love to see you there! Don’t forget to be bold, be beautiful, and most importantly, be YOU! XOXO

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