How I Cleared My Acne

Hello my beauties and welcome back to the last installment in my Skincare Week, inspired by Allie Glines. I will never claim to have the best skin, but it is definitely better than it was about a year and a half ago. I was dealing with major breakouts and zits that I just couldn’t get to go away. Around the same time I adopted a skincare routine with new products that I finally stuck to and today I want to share that with you because I am convinced that these products in conjunction with drinking more water and eating better really helped to clear my skin. I hope if you’re struggling with your skin like I was you can find this post helpful and find new products to try.

The facial cleanser and toner that I decided to use are the La Roche Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser and the Neutrogena 2-in-1 Rapid Clear toner. The Effaclar face wash is probably the key factor in the change, for the better, in my skin because I had used this toner before and the other products but they all seem to work great as a unit. The was is a gel which makes it light on the skin and while it is medicated, it does not dry your skin out at all. At least I didn’t notice that it did with my skin. Plus this wash is only $15 which, compared to other acne washes, is a great price. The toner is $10 which I think is a little pricey but if you can use a coupon it’s totally worth it. The toner can sting the tiniest bit but in my mind, that means it’s working. I know, I know, I’m wrong- but that’s how I think. Both of these products together made my skin feel cleansed and ready for whatever moisturizer I wanted to try and have it ready for the spot treatments that I used (and still use).

For spot treatments, I use the Mario Badescu products I got in his Acne Repair Kit which contains a Drying Lotion, Buffering Lition, and Drying Cream. The kit itself costs $46 but is worth every penny in my opinion. These products last a long time and really help with whiteheads especially. The drying lotion goes after surface blemishes, the buffering lotion targets under the surface bumps and the drying cream goes after surface blemishes and small bumps but it’s in a cream form. I used all of these at night because, minus the buffering lotion, there is a color to each product and I wouldn’t want it under makeup anyway. These products are amazing, I highly recommend checking them out, even if it’s just the individual piece if you’re looking for a good spot treatment. The last product I want to talk about is a mask, the GlamGlow Supermud Charcoal Instant Treatment Mask. This is the priciest thing on this list but I find that with regular use, it really does make a big difference in the appearance of my skin. Even when I don’t have any active breakouts, I still use it to help keep the breakouts at bay. The standard size is $59 but they have a mini for $25 or if you discover you really like it they have a value size for $82, so you’ve got options. I would say start with the mini to see if you even like it or to see if it really helps your skin. It’s a wonderful mask and I feel it really makes a difference with my skin.

That’s how I cleared up my acne and how I keep it at bay or treat acne if any pop up! Do you have any products that you feel have really helped your acne? I would love to know what you think! If you enjoyed today’s post, please feel free to comment, subscribe/follow here and on Instagram (@ emmadelfosse_mua). Have a great Sunday and a wonderful start to your week! XOXO

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