2020 Project Pan Update #1

Hello my beauties, I hope you are all having a good start to your week! Today is the first update for my 2020 Project Pan. I have actually made some progress in quite a few pieces. If you would like to check out my initial post, follow the link here.

My goal was to hit pan in this Marc Jacobs O!Mega highlighter in ‘Worth the Wait’ and I hit pan a few days prior to this post! There was already a pretty sizeable dip in the center when I started but I’m light handed with my products so it usually takes forever and a day to hit pan in anything, so I’ve very proud of myself.

My goal for the Maybelline Master Chrome highlighter is to finish it up. I didn’t use this as much this month because I was focusing on the Marc Jacobs highlight. I do see that there is more pan showing then there was before I started this project. For my fail this month, I didn’t make any sort of dent in my mini Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer. I really have to focus on this product this coming month and learn how I can use it best on my face. I think the bronzer is going to be a really hard product for me to pan because there isn’t even a dip in the product but I do want to at least try.

It’s really hard to see where the product is in my Neutrogena lipgloss but I’ve been using it a lot this past month so I’m sure I made progress with this product. The Revolution Conceal and Define concealer has gone down a little bit more in the tube so that makes me really happy. This is probably my favorite concealer, the brand and style I mean. Great coverage and it doesn’t crease too bad once set. I’m also making some progress with my Cover FX Blurring Primer. I really had to bend the tube to get the product to come out. I want to say the tube was 3/4 full when I started so I think it’s down to about halfway now. These are all products I want to finish over the course of this year. Some I will repurchase again or already have a back up of while others I’m going to not mind tossing.

This month I hit pan in one of my Colourpop Super Shock shadows that I have in my Project Pan. These are two of my favorite colors because they can work alone or with other shadows as a bit of a highlight. I have had these for longer than I’d care to admit, but they’re not dried out which is great. The shadow on the left is especially nice when used across the whole lid. It shimmers and glitters nicely but isn’t too shiny.

Finally, the two palettes with colors I’m trying to pan. I didn’t do so well with these this month. I only used each of the palettes once so this month I really have to make an effort to try and use these palettes when I’m doing my makeup. The Naked 3 is the oldest palette in my collection- it was my first high end eyeshadow purchase, actually, it may have been my first high end purchase period.

There’s my first check-in for my 2020 Project Pan. How well did I do? I would love to know what you’re trying to pan this month/year, feel free to pop it down in the comments below. If you liked today’s post please feel free to subscribe/follow this blog and over on Instagram @ emmadelfosse_mua. I post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11AM PST. Subscribe so you’ll never miss a post again! Don’t forget to be bold, be beautiful, and be YOU! XOXO

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