Agave Lip Product Review

Hello my beauties and welcome to my blog. Around Christmastime, I purchased a Bite Agave lip product kit because I had been hearing a lot about the products and I wanted to try them. They are only minis of the true products but that was perfect for me since I wasn’t sure if I would like them or not so this was perfect. It came with one product in a pot, a stick lip balm, and one in a tube. I lost the product in a pot unfortunately but I still have the other two, so I’m going to give you my reviews of each of them. I will link to the products. They are not affiliate links so I make nothing if you use them, I just provide them to make your shopping easier.

Let’s start with what is probably the most popular of the Bite Agave Lip Products, the Agave Lip Mask. The product comes in a squeeze tube meaning you need to apply the product with your fingers. One of the best things about these lip products is that they are Vegan. I honestly don’t see what all the hype is about with this product. I find it to feel oily on my lips and doesn’t really moisturize my lips as much as I thought it would. I also didn’t like the squeeze tube because I either got too much or had trouble getting the product out. I will not be purchasing the full size when I am done with this product mini.

The second product is the Agave Daytime Lip Balm. Out of the two products that I have, I prefer this one. It doesn’t feel as oily as the lip mask and it’s in a stick twist-up form making it easier to apply. I do find it to be a bit soft so you want to keep it somewhere that isn’t too warm or else it will just fall apart and slip slide all over the place.

So I am not the biggest fan of the popular Bite Agave lip products. I still prefer my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask to these products but I will be sure to finish up my products. Do you have a preference to which lip product you like? If you liked today’s short and sweet review please consider subscribing/following my blog here and over on my Instagram @ emmadelfosse_mua. I post on this blog every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11AM PST. If you follow you will be notified of all of my latest posts! I hope you had a great weekend and will have a great start to your week but for now, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XOXO

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