Icy Fantasy Palette Review

Hello my beauties and welcome! Today I am going to review the new Morphe 35I Icy Fantasy palette for you. I just got mine from Ulta, and I couldn’t wait to get to play with it. I believe that this is their newest, or at least one of their newest, palettes. I will definitely link to the palette so if you like what you see you can order it for yourself!

First, you can pick up this Morphe palette from Ulta. The palette itself costs $25 at the store. The palette is a cardboard palette with this gorgeous pastel design all over it with copper lettering. Even though it is cardboard packaging it feels sturdy and like it will hold up well through wear and tear from daily use. This is one of the prettiest packages I’ve seen with any of the Morphe palettes I have seen or own. For me, aesthetic is everything. This is pleasing to the eye so it draws you in to take a look at the product. Speaking of the product, let’s see what the inside looks like!

I have never had a pastel palette so I have nothing to compare it to. Just looking at it makes me happy. The colors are gorgeous and it comes with both mattes and shimmers. The mattes can be a bit chalky but they build up beautifully to make some really great pastel looks. The shimmers are fantastic and creamy. I actually created a look the other day to go with a post later this week, so be sure to check that out! They swatch nicely, especially using your fingers. Many of the mattes go on sheer but they build up to give a real pop of color on the lid and in the crease.

I really enjoy this palette. Yes, some of the colors have to be built up but I don’t mind that. I would definitely suggest checking this palette out, especially if you want to give pastels a try. The palette is a good price and readily accessible. If you enjoyed today’s short and sweet review, come back on Friday for a look featuring this palette. If you subscribe/follow here and on Instagram (@ emmadelfosse_mua), you’ll be notified every time I post on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 11AM PST. Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you next time. Until them, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XOXO

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