Ranking My Colourpop Palettes

Hello my beauties and thank you for coming back, or joining me for the first time. I was going through my palettes and decided it would be fun to rank my Colourpop palettes. I love all of my Colourpop palettes, they’re my absolute favorite, but I ranked them all the same. If I can link to them I will. These are not affiliate links, I provide them to help your shopping 😁 I’m going to start at #11 and go all the way to #1.

#11: I selected my newest Colourpop palette that I got at Ulta- Truly, Madly, Deeply. This is a really nice warm toned palette. There are three glitters so if you are wary of glitter you might not want this particular palette. The colors are really nice and they go together beautifully.

#10: I call this palette my Succulent Single Palette. This was the first singles palette I ever created. Can you tell that I really love warm tones? The bottom right color is probably my favorite, it’s a gorgeous duo chrome.

#9: This is my more recent singles palette. In this one, I added two glitters because I love glitter. I have a problem, I know. I added more mattes, a blush, and a highlighter. I don’t use this one as often as I’d like but I do really like this palette. I like getting to pick my own colors.

#8: The Disney Designer Collection ‘Midnight Masquerade’ palette is one of my newer palettes. The colors are so gorgeous. There is a great selection of colors. They make a good amount of really fun looks and very work appropriate looks too.

#7: The Strawberry Shake palette. I only own two of the small monochrome palettes, and this is the first one I purchased because, hello, warm tones! The colors are so creamy and pigmented and they make great looks, especially for the spring and summer! There is no glitter in this palette but the shimmers are absolutely amazing.

#6: The Bye Bye Birdie Palette. First and foremost the only reason I bought this palette was because of the name since it was the first musical I was in. The colors are so nice and work for so many different looks from soft to dramatic.

#5: Lilac You A Lot. I ADORE this palette. It’s the first palette I ever purchased that was predominantly purple because I wanted to try purple. The shimmers are some of the nicest I’ve had from Colourpop. This is a great palette and I would definitely recommend it.

#4: The Sweet Talk Palette. When this palette came out EVERYONE went nuts for it and for good reason. It’s a gorgeous soft palette that I love to use when I want a soft look. It is a palette that is perfect for work and for weddings, in my opinion.

#3: Gimme Butterflies palette. This is such a stunning palette. I love the mattes. They are buttery smooth and they blend like nobodies business. There is glitter in this palette but I love using them, carefully of course. This is a great palette for beginners in my opinion.

#2: The Disney Designer Collection ‘It’s a Princess Thing’. This palette is a stunner. You’ve got a great selection of mattes and soft shimmers. I love to use this palette on my ‘no makeup’ makeup days. The colors are pigmented and they go together really nicely.

#1: Perception palette by Shayla x Colourpop. This was my first palette from Colourpop, the colors just caught my eye and I couldn’t shake it. So I bought it. There are only four mattes but I find that that amount is perfect for me. The shimmers are so beautiful and so unique and I love them. This truly is my number one favorite.

I hope you found today’s post helpful if you’re in the search of some new Colourpop palettes. I love Colourpop, do you? Their products are amazing, especially for the price. Is there anything you have your eye on right now? I’d love to know so be sure to leave it down below! If you liked today’s post, please consider subscribing/following here and over on Instagram (@ emmadelfosse_mua). I post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11AM PST. Until next time, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XO

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