January to March Empties

Hello, my beauties and thanks for stopping by! Today is finally the day, I’ve been collecting my empties since January and I finally felt I had enough to do a blog post about them and to give you little mini reviews. A bit of a spoiler, I don’t think there was anything that I didn’t like. Let’s jump in!

First let’s start with hair:
Rock Your Hair Spray It Clean dry shampoo: This is hands down my favorite dry shampoo. It gets my hair looking nice when before it was a bit oily and there’s no harsh scent- it just smells fresh. Also, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling crunchy and gross like a lot of dry shampoos can do.
Head and Shoulders Charcoal Daily Shampoo: I always go through shampoo faster than conditioner, ALWAYS. Frankly, it’s a bit annoying. I liked this, it helped clear up my mild dandruff and it smelled pretty nice without it being overpowering.

Next up is more along the makeup side of things:
ELF makeup remover pen: I love having pens like this, they are great for fixing little mistakes when you do your makeup. This one works really well and isn’t expensive at all.
Carmex stick lip balm: I love Carmex, I have tubes all over the house and in my purse. I can’t go a day without using it. It’s thick but not heavy and not oily which is something I love. I don’t like oily lip balms.
Too Faced Hangover Rx (mini): This is one of my favorite primers and I will be repurchasing it once I use up more of what I have. This is great for dry and normal skin, it’s very hydrating.
Baby Lips Dr. Rescue lip balm: This is a lip balm I keep in my purse at all times. I use it when my lips need hydration but not as thick as my Carmex. Out of all the Baby Lips, the Dr. Rescue line is my favorite.
L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara (waterproof): Okay, I lied, there is one thing I don’t like on this list and it’s this mascara. I just didn’t get on with it well, it made my lashes look clumpy and spider like and I hated using it. The brush didn’t do anything with its weird shape and bristles.

Now for lotions, which I went through quite a few:
Bath and Body Works ‘Magic in the Air’ body lotion: I don’t usually gravitate towards normal lotions because I find them to be too thin and oily for my liking but I did enjoy this one. The scent was very soft and I would use it in the morning and in the evening when I went to bed.
Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief body cream: This is more what I gravitate towards, the thicker body creams. I find that it locks in the moisture better and it doesn’t feel as slick as regular lotions. This was from an island collection they did and the scent was nice but I prefer their classic scents.
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion: I work with my hands so they are always dry and cracked and searching for a good lotion. I have found it in the Gold Bond range of lotions. They are thick and they lock in moisture like nobodies business. It is a tiny bit slick but that fades quickly and it leaves behind noticeably smoother and less dry hands.
Relief Prue Epsom Salt Body Cream: I got this as a gift in my Christmas stocking a year ago and I finally finished it! It’s a pure lavender scent which I find divine and perfect for bedtime. It smooths on nicely on your skin, especially after a shower or bath. I found that it really helped to relax me each night I used it.

We have two shower stuffs:
Bath and Body Works ‘Twisted Peppermint’ shower gel: I love Bath and Body Works shower gels, they have some fabulous scents. The Twisted Peppermint is my favorite holiday shower gel scent from them. I already have another bottle ready for next year I love it so much! I had been working on this one for awhile, so I’m glad I finished it.
Skintimate Skin Therapy Silky Skin shaving cream: I used to use conditioner as a shaving cream but it never worked great so I picked this guy up and I’m so happy I did. My legs definitely felt softer after I used this shaving cream. You can usually get them on offer or in a two pack, check them out!

Lastly we have skincare:
Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Night Moisturizer: I was sent this moisturizer by Influenster for the purpose of review. Even though it was sent to me for review, I absolutely LOVED this moisturizer! It was creamy, unscented, and a little went a long way. If you’re looking for a new night moisturizer, definitely check this one out!
Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender: This is my favorite out of all of Mario Badescu’s facial sprays. It’s calming on my skin and it’s a step I use every night in my skincare routine. A definite must.
The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil: This is my favorite makeup remover, it works wonders! There isn’t really a scent to it which I prefer with my facial skincare products. Two pumps was more than enough to do my entire face.
The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution: This product was new to me and for the price, I have to say I liked how this made my skin feel. It didn’t burn when I applied it and it didn’t irritate my sensitive skin either. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone to try.

That is it! Those are my empties from January to March. Do you see any that you also love or want to try? What is in your empties basket (or bag, I use a bag) right now? Thank you so much for stopping by. If you liked what you read, I would love it if you would consider following and subscribing here and on Instagram (@ emmadelfosse_mua). I post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11AM PST. I hope to see you back soon but until then, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XO

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