Makeup Palette Tag

Hello my beauties and thank you so much for stopping by. I decided to participate in the Makeup Palette tag that is now circling YouTube. I do have a YouTube but I haven’t uploaded in years after getting trolled big time. I want to try again but every time I go to start one, I get super anxious and stop. So, maybe one day I’ll be back there. Any suggestions would help. Anyway, I saw the tag because of Allie Gline’s video and it made me want to participate. I hope you enjoy it!

Newest Palette– I have three because I got all three of them at the same time, because of the VIB sale. My palettes are Too Faced Natural Lust, Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde, and Natasha Denona Metropolis Palette. I’ve tried each of these palettes at least once and I really really love them. They’re all quite different from each other which makes me proud. Usually I stick to the same thing over and over but for once I didn’t.

Oldest Palette– My oldest palette is a Sephora brand palette that I got back in high school. It has eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blushes/highlights/bronzers. Of course, I don’t use it anymore, it’s far too old. I loved this palette when I first got it, it was the most eyeshadows I had ever owned. It was the perfect way to open the door to the makeup world.

Most Expensive Palette– My Natasha Denona Metropolis palette is the most expensive palette I own. Compared to her other palettes, this palette has more shadows than her other palettes which I think makes it worth the money. I believe this palette is definitely worth the money, the shadows are good quality and the pigmentation is great!

Most Affordable Palette– My most affordable palette is my Maybelline City Mini 480 ‘Matte About Town’. This is a staple in my collection, making it easier to use my palettes that are more shimmer than matte. It’s the perfect little palette, great to travel with and use with singles.

Everyday Palette– My everyday palette is the Huda Beauty Nude Light palette. I love this palette for the everyday. The shimmers are so beautiful and the mattes are buttery and smooth. I like to apply the shimmers with my fingers because it gives a gorgeous foiled look. If I want a softer shimmer then I will use a brush but I rarely want that soooo.

Most Colorful Palette– My most colorful palette is my Morphe 35 B. This is probably the brightest color palette I own, with my James Charles palette coming in a close second. I love using this palette when I want to do a rainbow or brightly vibrant look. There is a good combination of mattes and shimmers. I know you either love Morphe or hate it and I’m on the love side of things. I find that the colors in this palette are vibrant and blend very nicely.

Smallest Palette– My smallest palette is my newer Coloured Raine Vineyard Soiree palette. It is physically the smallest palette I own but not the least amount of shadows. I went with size for the smallest, obviously. This came in my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and I just posted a look with it, check it out here. The colors are beautiful and the quality is amazing.

Biggest Palette– My largest palette is my James Charles palette by Morphe (the Hit the Lights palette is the same size). I adore this palette, I need to use it more. I love the purples especially. It is a bit of a trick to store and get out but is totally worth it.

Palette with the Best Memory– My Naked 3 palette has one of the best memories ever that is associated with a makeup palette. I used this palette to do my aunt’s makeup on her wedding day. I actually bought her the palette for Christmas that coming season because she loved it so much. Now anytime I use it, I think about sitting there in my hotel room doing her makeup before going to go and get our hair done.

Palette Worth the Hype– The palette I feel is worth the hype is the Huda Beauty New Nude palette. I absolutely adore this palette, it’s one of my favorites. I love the pinks and purples, and the mattes are so smooth and buttery and they blend easily. The shimmers are my favorite though, they are so amazing when applied with your finger.

Palette Not Worth the Hype– For me, the palette that isn’t worth all the hype is the Urban Decay Born to Run palette. Don’t get me wrong, I really like using this palette but I don’t think it is worthy of all of the hype it gets. At times, I find it hard to create one cohesive look without having to dig into another palette or use single shadows.

Favorite Palette from my Favorite Brand– If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, then you won’t be surprised that I picked a palette from Colourpop as it is my favorite brand. The palette I picked is the Bye Bye Birdie palette. I love all of the pinks and the purples in this palette. I know a lot of people don’t like the pressed glitters but I love glitter, so I love it. The shimmers work with brush or finger.

Most Used Palette– I thought long and hard about which palette I used the most because I tend to bounce around. I eventually decided on my Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Soft Glam’ palettes. The shade Rose Pink is actually in my Project Pan 2020 (Check it out here). I am trying to pan it. I use this palette a lot because it is perfect for every day but can be amped up for a night time look, too.

There you have it, my makeup palette tag. What did you think of today’s post? If you have done this tag, be sure to leave a link below so I can check yours out too! Or just list a few answers. I thought long and hard about each decision because I love all of the palettes I own. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you want to be notified every time I post, be sure to subscribe to this blog. To see what I post about when I’m not here, be sure to check out my Instagram (linked below). I post here every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11AM PST. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading, it really does mean a lot to me. I hope to see you back soon but, until then, be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XO Emma



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