June 2020 Favorites

Hello, my beauties, and thanks for stopping by! It’s that time of the month, monthly favorites time! Today I’m going to share with you my June 2020 Favorites. I have mostly beauty products but I also have two books this month that I want to share with you. Picking my favorites this month was really easy, I’ve been using these products non stop since last month but I wanted to wait to see if they really stuck… and they did! I am so excited to share these with you so let’s jump in!

Non- Beauty Favorites

Both of my non- beauty favorites are books. I know it’s a bit odd for me to put books into my June 2020 Favorites but I think I want to start adding at least one non-beauty related item to the list each month. The first book is “Makeup Man” by Michael Westmore. I got this at IMATS not this year but the year before (and got it signed!) but I had never had a chance to really dive into it. That changed this past month. I’m known for reading multiple books at once and I decided I wanted one of those books to be “Makeup Man”. This book is so amazing and I’ve learned so much about the Westmore legacy and how far reaching the family is/was and how much they changed the face of makeup forever. If you’re looking for a good summer read, I would highly recommend this book especially if you’re a makeup lover!

Another book I started reading this month is “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah. It is about growing up colored in South Africa during and after Apartheid. He wrote the book in such a way that it’s not super heavy but you still learn a lot. He tells you stories from his childhood, most of which have made me laugh. I picked this up because it was recommended and with everything that is going on I thought I would try it and I’m so glad I did. It opened my eyes to a world I barely knew and has left me wanting to learn more. Definitely check this book out, you won’t regret it.

Beauty Favorites: Palettes

I’ve been loving two palettes this past month and the first one is the new Jaclyn Hill Morphe Volume 2 palette. I haven’t been able to put this down which meant I had to include it in my June 2020 Favorites. I bought it because I love Jaclyn and I wanted to support her. I wasn’t sure how much use I would get from the palette but I was so wrong. I stepped out of my comfort zone and use all brights on my eyes and I loved it so much I kept doing it! I’ve played with the pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges mainly. They are so pigmented (the yellow is amazing) and they blend beautifully. I can’t remember the name of it but the shade on the left hand side, third from the bottom, is my favorite shade in the whole palette. It is gorgeous when layered over other shadows. It is almost like a transformer shade.

The other palette I’ve been loving is the Natasha Denona Love Glow Cheek Palette. I bought this palette during the last Sephora VIB sale and I am so glad I got it. I love using the top right cream blush so much, which surprises me because it’s got an orange/peach tinge to it which sometimes doesn’t work for my skin but this one looks gorgeous on my pale skin. The only product I haven’t used is the highlighter in the lower right corner. It’s very gold but I will try it sooner or later. I want to. This is a great little palette and a good introduction to Natasha Denona. Her Bloom palette was my introduction to her products and this palette was very similar to that one. Two creams and two powders.

Beauty Favorites: Skincare

Usually to remove my makeup I use a cleanser and then the Magic Eraser but now I have found myself also using my Bioderma Micellar Water. This one is for combination/oily skin. I use it to help break up my mascara before I go into using my cleanser and Magic Eraser. I really like the Bioderma makeup remover, I also use it when I want to do a face mask but don’t want to take a long time to take my makeup off. I’ve also had a bad bout of acne spots popping up this past month so I’ve been using my old reliable acne treatment- the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I’ve been using this product since I was in high school and it always helps. This is the first time I have used it on more than one spot in what feels like forever. This product really helps to dry out any acne spots that I happen to have.

Beauty Favorites: What Smells Good

I love the L’Occitaine Sweet Almond scented products and then I found the Crabtree and Evelyn Sweet Almond Oil Body Lotion. They smell the same and I love it. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this lotion anymore so I use it sparingly but I love it. It’s a bit lighter than the other body creams I use but I don’t mind, the scent makes up for anything. The other scented product I’ve loved using is the Miss Dior rollerball perfume. I just got this and I got it because I love my Dior Blooming Bouquet and I wanted to see if I loved others of their perfumes just as much. I do really like this perfume. I still loving Blooming Bouquet more but I’ve been wearing the Miss Dior a lot this month. Their rollerballs are some of the prettiest rollerball perfumes I’ve ever seen.

Beauty Favorites: Colorful Makeup

I love the Benefit Bene-tint lip stain. It gives a great flushed look to the lips. I like the brush applicator because it is flat which makes it great at getting into tight spots and for lining the lips. This is my second bottle of Bene-tint because I ran out of my first one years ago. I just repurchased it…. along with two other shades: Posie-tint and Go Go-tint. Another piece, or pieces, of colorful makeup I wanted to put in my June 2020 Favorites are my Colourpop BFF Creme Gel Liners. I have the colors Exit (white), Cry Baby (lavender), Piggy Bank (purple), CRSSD (yellow), Electric Daisy (green), Puppy (orange), and Prance (blue). Except for the white and the lavender, I got all of them in a set. I can’t wait for them to really restock their site because I want ALL of the liners. I discovered with these liners how much I love putting a pop of bright color into my waterline. It’s great for simple days when all you do on your eyes is mascara and liner but it’s also great to amp up a beautiful eyeshadow look. They are creamy, waterproof, and so vibrant! The yellow, I admit, is a little hard to work with at times but I still like it. If you’re looking for a good colored (or black or brown) eyeliner, I would definitely point you in the direction of these Colourpop eyeliners.

Beauty Favorites: Back to Basics

For the last two bits of my June 2020 Favorites, I thought I’d take it back to the basics. Base and powder. With the weather getting hotter, I’ve found myself reaching for my BB and CC Creams more and more often. This month I kept reaching for my Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm. I use the shade Light to Medium, it comes in three different shades and has a radiant, not matte, finish. One reason I’ve been using it so much is that it has SPF 45 and I’m always looking for products containing an SPF during the summer. I just apply this with my hands, no brushes or sponges needed. It has a light coverage, so I tend to use it on my better skin days or if I’m not going anywhere too special. I store it standing up otherwise it is a bit of a pain to get the product out because you can’t squeeze the tube, it’s a hard tube but there is a pump so that’s something. It makes my skin look glowy without looking oily which is something I watch for. The other product is the Ciate Extraordinary Translucent Powder. I got this product in one of my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus boxes. I have really enjoyed this powder this past month. It’s great for baking under the eyes and good for a sweep around the whole face in general. Since it’s translucent there is zero coverage but I have other powders for that. I know that, instead of making it where they usually do this one was made in China. Since I’ve never tried Ciate products before, I don’t have anything to compare it to so I really do like it.

There you have it, my June 2020 Favorites! What have you been loving this past month? Pop it in the comments down below, I’d love to chat! Thank you so much for stopping by today, your support means so much to me. If you would like to see what I get up to when I’m not here, be sure to check out my Instagram (linked down below). Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog before you click out, that way you’ll be notified every time I post. I post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11AM PST. Thank you for coming and until next time, be bold, be beautiful, and most importantly be YOU ❤
XO Emma



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