5 Palettes I Bought Solely on Pictures

Hello my beauties, and welcome back! Today I’m sharing with you five palettes that I bought solely on the pictures and wound up completely loving. I got this idea from INDIEQUEEN84 over at Floating on Dreams on her Youtube Channel but she also has a blog that I love. Her video got me thinking a lot about the palettes I had bought simply from seeing a picture and, more importantly, the ones I bought and loved. I’m sorry this post is a day late hopefully I’ll be back to getting things up on time by my next post. Let’s jump in!

Let’s start with the most expensive palette I own (and will probably ever own)- the Natasha Denona ‘Metropolis’ palette (find it here at Sephora for $129). I bought this during the last VIB sale. I had just seen it in a Youtube video and after looking at picture after picture of it and swatches online, I just had to have it. I knew I was taking a gamble since I had never tried any of her shadows but I had money saved for the sale and I had enough to be able to get this palette. I am SO glad that I made that splurge! This is such a gorgeous palette, so many different textures and shades and shimmers. I love the golds but the blues are absolutely stunning in my opinion. The mattes blend so easily for me and the shimmers are powerful, especially when applied with a finger. Yes, this palette is a pretty penny but it is one of the best spent pretty pennies I have ever spent. If you’re looking to get a Natasha Denona palette, I would tell you to definitely consider this one.

Next up in this five palette lineup is the palette that is probably my favorite high end palette EVER- the Huda Beauty ‘The New Nude’ palette which you can find at Sephora for $65. When I saw the first teaser photo of this (purely by accident, at that point I hadn’t heard of Huda Beauty 😲) I had to have it in my life! I love the color story of this palette so so much, it’s right up my alley. The soft pinks and purples, the dusty roses and mauves? I’m in love still to this day. I love the unique shimmers and honestly don’t mind the pressed glitters. The mattes in the palette blend so effortlessly and the shimmers take the looks to a whole other level. The only thing I don’t use is the cream concealer shade but I’m not bothered by it either. If I were to ever pan this palette or hear it was being discontinued, you can be certain I would be buying a new one. There’s only one other high end palette I would/will be doing that with- my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. If you like this type of color story, I would say you need to check this out!

Third in this lineup is the Too Faced ‘Natural Lust’ palette which you can get at Sephora for $59. This is one of my more recent palette purchases. I’ve seen pictures of this palette on and off since it was released and I always thought it looked really beautiful. I had seen good and not so good reviews and then no one was talking about it but I kept going back to the pictures I had seen of it. Eventually I caved and got it because it looked just up my alley. Don’t get me wrong, I love colorful eyeshadow but as the years have gone on I’ve started liking neutrals too. They both have their uses. I was not disappointed when this arrived, it was just as pretty in person as it was in the photos! But would it perform? In my opinion, yes it really did! Okay, there are some similar shades but mostly varies enough for me to like it. This palette is great for one to two shadow looks as well as a full blown glam face. If I really want a pop of color with this palette, I will use that beautiful blue shimmer down at the bottom. I love pink and green shadows, especially together, and when I saw that this palette had both I got so excited. If nudes and neutrals are your thing, this palette would definitely be worth a look!

Up next is the Shayla x Colourpop ‘Perception’ palette collab. I bought mine a while ago on the Colourpop site for $27. This was the first pressed shadow palette I bought from Colourpop, I fell in love with the color story the moment I saw the picture when I was wandering through their new palette section. The palette does only have four mattes (and one matte with glitter) but I love shimmers and there’s a lot of those! Both shadow formulas blend so nicely and the shimmers are highly pigmented- especially when applied with your finger! I liked how the left side is the ‘more everyday’ side and the right side is great for going out. Unless you’re like me and don’t care and wear whatever colors you want whenever you want. Whenever I use this palette I don’t notice much, if any, fall out which always wins big points in my book. It took me awhile to order this palette because I love my Supershock shadows so much and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like their pressed formula but many palettes later I can easily say I do. They are, in my opinion, one of (if not the) best affordable brand out there. Granted, I haven’t tried everything so you can take that with a grain of salt if you so choose. It is currently out of stock on the Colourpop site but when they restock, I would so try it!

Lastly is the E.L.F. x JKissa ‘To the Rescue’ palette which I got on Ulta for $20. I’ve never had a true rainbow eyeshadow palette before so when I saw this I practically swooned! It comes with two rows of mattes and a row of shimmers. The top row is a set of really bright mattes, the second row is the same color family just a tad darker, and the bottom row is the shimmer version of that row. The first thing I loved when I saw a picture of this palette was the layout. So easy and SO pleasing to the eye. I also bought the brushes that came with this collab and they are spectacular! Anyway, the mattes build up quite nicely but are pigmented. The yellow is especially amazing! I was definitely floored by the pigmentation of all of these shadows when I swatched them. I didn’t have a big problem with fall out when I applied them to my eyes, either. I may have bought it just because I really wanted a rainbow palette but I didn’t expect that I would love it as much as I do. It’s spectacular! If you’re in the market for a rainbow palette, I would say check this one out!

There you have it, my five favorite palettes I bought solely on the pictures. What are some of your palettes that would fit into this category? Do you have any of these palettes? What do you think of them? I’d love to know, be sure to let me know in the comments below- let’s chat!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, your continued support means the world to me. Currently I am trying to post every Wednesday and Friday but I still don’t have a set time. If you liked today’s post, feel free to follow this blog before you click out and if you want to see the looks I create and things I do and don’t share here, be sure to check out my Instagram which will be linked down below. Have a fantastic day and, until next time, don’t forget to be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XO Emma



  1. I also jumped on the chance of getting a Natasha Denona palette on a 20% off Sephora sale without seeing it in real life first. Good thing I really love it. I would have been a very expensive lesson if I didn’t like it. Alas, I learned nothing 😛


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