My Colourpop Palette Collection

Hello my beauties, welcome to my little corner of the beauty world! After much hemming and hawing about what I wanted today’s post to be, I finally decided to share my Colourpop palette collection with you. I love Colourpop, it’s hands down my favorite brand- and not just my favorite affordable brand either! I was actually thinking while taking these pictures that I want to do a post a week focusing on one palette with a look, swatches, three looks one palette, that sort of thing. Would you be interested in seeing something like that? I’ve got quite a few new palettes and I want to play with them. I guess we’ll see what I decide next week! Anyway, onto the collection!

I’ve sorted my palettes by size, these are my two larger palettes- the So Jaded palette and a You’re Dreamy palette which is one of my singles palettes. I just got the So Jaded palette after much back and forth and I really like it so far, it has a very unique color story in my opinion. There is one Super Shock shadow in the palette and two pressed glitters. The mattes are really vibrant and the shimmers are stunning. My single palette is a bit all over the place. I didn’t try to curate it exactly, I just picked what I thought looked pretty so there are 16 shadows, a highlighter, and a blush. Sadly I don’t use my singles palettes as much as I should but I think it’s because I need a better color story. I love these shades but they don’t bring me any excitement. This is the second one I created but both of them are very similar.

Next in the line up are my Colourpop palettes that are a bit more square. The Perception palette and the Truly, Madly, Deeply palette. The Perception palette was my first ever Colourpop pressed shadow palette. Until I saw this one, I hadn’t been too keen on the other color stories. There are only four mattes but a ton of shimmers which is totally fine with me. I love that this was my first palette because it’s what I love to have in a palette- bright colors and more shimmers than mattes. The Truly, Madly, Deeply palette was one that I bought on a whim on a major sale. It has pressed glitters but that doesn’t bother me- I like the pressed glitters. The color story has some gorgeous warm tones ranging from light to dark. I bought this one at Ulta but it’s not an Ulta exclusive. I need to reach for both of these palettes more but I do reach for them, I just want to play with them more.

Here are the two Disney Designer collection palettes that I own, the It’s a Princess Thing palette and the Midnight Masquerade palette. These are some of my favorite palettes, easily. It’s a Princess Thing is a gorgeous neutral, every day kind of palette. There are not pressed glitters in this palette but some amazing shimmers. The purple shade in the bottom row is one of my absolute favorites. I love smudging it into the lower lash line. In Midnight Masquerade there are far more mattes than there are shimmers but I don’t mind it as much. The top row, the shadows on each end are my favorite shadows in this palette and some of my favorites overall. One is great for brow bone and inner corner highlights and the other is a lovely peach with a green shift. There is one pressed glitter in this palette. This is a great palette for a night out, especially with those mattes on the bottom.

These are three of my medium size palettes, the Sweet Talk palette, my cacti singles palette, and the new Wild Nothing palette. Again with my singles palette, it doesn’t get much use especially because I accidentally made this one a tad too dark all around. The three mattes are all quite similar in shade and they’re all very dark, no transition shades. Live and Learn. Sweet Talk is one of their most popular palettes for a reason, it’s gorgeous! There is a Super Shock shadow in this palette along with two pressed glitters. Again, I don’t mind that. This palette is a great palette to take from day to night. You can create a good work look with it and then add some of the darker colors for a night out. I just received the new Wild Nothing palette and I’m absolutely in love with it. This palette has a good mixture of warm and cool toned shadows. My favorite shadow is the green shimmer, green and pink or peach together is one of my favorite color combinations for the eye. The mattes are creamy and blendable because they are very soft, you do have to be careful because of that. You actually have to watch that with any of their shadows, they are all quite soft.

The last three of my medium palettes are the Flutter By palette, the Gimme Butterflies palettes, and the Bye Bye Birdie palette. Flutter By is another palette that is new to my collection, it’s also one of the only palettes I own from anywhere that is cool toned. I just started trying cool tones this month so, not long. There is a pressed glitter and the shimmers and mattes are stunning. Again, this is a good palette to take you from work to partying. I haven’t had a chance to try this palette yet but I have swatched it and it feels stunning. Next is the Gimme Butterflies palette but this one looks to be discontinued. It’s a great warm toned palette and it’s very bright which makes it great for spring and summer especially. Lastly we have the Bye Bye Birdie palette. Initially I bought this for the name, Bye Bye Birdie was the first musical I did in high school. The purple tones in this palette are stunning and you can make a really soft look with just a transition shade and the Super Shock shadow or you can do a full out smoky eye. There aren’t really any mid tone shades, it goes from very light to pretty dark with the mattes but the metallics have a good range of shades.

The first three of the smaller, nine pan palettes are the Lilac You A Lot palette, the Strawberry Shake palette, and the Miss Bliss palette. The Lilac You A Lot palette is one of my favorites which surprised me at first because I don’t usually go for purples but now I love them. This is one of the nine pan palettes that don’t have a pressed glitter. The shimmers in this are absolutely stunning and after just swatches I knew this would be a palette that I would love. The Strawberry Shake palette is the other monochromatic palette that I own. I do want to get more but these will do for now. I love the shimmers in this palette, they are great for a cut crease look. The shimmer in the bottom left is my favorite, it’s a very unique shade. It’s like a peachy orange gold that swatches and applies beautifully. For a subtler look I apply it with a brush but for a strong, bold look I apply it with my fingers. Lastly is the new Miss Bliss palette. Out of the three tie dye palettes, this one is my favorite especially the pinky mauve shadows on the left hand side of the palette. There is a pressed glitter in this palette. There’s only one true matte but a lot of those mattes that have flecks of glitter in them. I find if I applies those with a brush in a sweeping motion, you don’t really see the glitter but if I try to pack it on with my finger I can see the glitter so I have two ways I can use those shades. The peaches in this palette are some of the best peaches I own, they perform beautifully.

Last in my long list of palettes are my last four nine pan palettes- the She’s Got Solstice palette, the Making Mauves palette, the Nude Mood palette, and the Blush Crush palette. Let’s start with the one you can only get at Ulta, the She’s Got Solstice palette. They came out with this solstice collection that is exclusive to Ulta and this is one of my favorite Colourpop palettes. There are no pressed glitters but there is a Super Shock shadow. The shadows in this palette are absolutely stunning, I’ve loved every look I’ve done with this palette. Combining the pink and the green is my favorite way to create a quick look. This palette has five mattes and four shimmers so I’m happy with that. The next three are brand new to me but they are ones I’ve wanted for a long time but they’ve been out of stock for what feels like forever. First up is Making Mauves. I love a good mauve shadow and this palette has it all! At first I was unsure because it was a full cool toned palette but it is stunning! I’ve only swatched this but the shadows feel amazing and creamy. Then we have the Nude Mood palette. I don’t really have many full nude palettes but I figured having one from my favorite brand would be a good way to do it. This will be a great palette to travel with, just have to pack it carefully because they shadows are so soft. The shimmers swatched beautifully and the mattes were far from patchy. Last is the Blush Crush palette. This is more the type of ‘nude’ palette I go for with some pinky tones in it. I like that with this palette you get a wide range of shades from light to dark. Again in this palette there are a few of those matte shadows with glitter flecks in them but as I said before, if applied with a brush I couldn’t really see the glitter. I can’t wait to play with these last three palettes!

There you go, my Colourpop palette collection! What is your favorite brand? Do you like Colourpop too? What is your favorite palette or product, I’d love to know! Be sure to leave it down below. Keep checking back these coming weeks for posts featuring one palette per post. If you liked today’s post, feel free to follow this blog so you won’t miss any posts! To see looks I create and don’t share here, be sure to check out my Instagram which will be linked down below! Thank you so much for stopping by today, your support of my blog means so much to me- share it with your makeup loving friends! I hope to see you back soon but until then, don’t forget to be bold, be beautiful, be YOU! XO Emma


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