In college, I studied theatre, and we had to take a makeup class.  After six months, we moved on, but my curiosity about makeup was peaked so I continued learning on my own.  After I graduated from Stephens College in May 2014, I came back home and subsequently received my makeup artist certification.  Since then I have done a few weddings but mainly I have done theatrical work with my Alma Mater High School, Bishop Amat.  That doesn’t mean I do just theatrical makeup, I have a love for plain old (although there is absolutely nothing plain about it) beauty makeup.  I love seeing what a little bit of blush and some mascara can do to boost someone who is feeling a little down, and doesn’t feel like their best selves. That’s what I truly love about makeup, what it can do to make a woman (or man, this is a judgement free zone) feel more confident and beautiful and better about themselves.  If I can help someone who is having a bad day feel just a little bit better by putting some red lipstick on them or giving them false lashes then, by goodness, I’m going to do it.  I did have a blog like this a little over five years ago but I let it dwindle and I’ve missed it, so I’m back at it, giving it a go again.  Join this journey with me and we’ll learn and make mistakes together!

Thank you.

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*Disclaimer* All photographs and writing on this blog, unless otherwise quoted, are my own.  Anything I say in a review is 100% my truthful and honest opinion.

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